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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, September 25, 2017 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:58am Fiji - "Wandering Glance" - Peering Into the Darkness (Content (L)abel)
12:52am Milo - "Embroidering Machine" - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! (Ruby Yacht)
12:48am Prozack Turner - "Girls On a Trampoline" - Not Everybody Sleeps at Night (Hungerstrike)
12:42am Warren Britt - "Movement" - WithLaurel. (Resevoir Sound)
12:39am Nooky Jones - "Outro" - Nooky Jones (Young & Foolish)
12:35am Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black - "Resign & Quit (Midnight Mix)" - Midnight Method (s/r)
12:32am Tanya Morgan - "VPND (feat inDJnous)" - YGWY$F (s/r)
12:29am Moka Only - "Just Some Vibes (feat. Dank)" - Concert for One (URbnet)
12:25am Bru Lei - "Raps Not Real (feat. Malia)" - Selfie (Public School)
12:18am Mega Ran - "Eyes On Your Own Paper (feat. J-Live)" - Extra Credit (RandomBeats)
12:13am URBS - "Code of the Snake (feat. Blabbwona)" - URBS (Beat Arts Department)
12:06am Blockhead - "Festival Paramedics" - Funeral Balloons (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:02am Dillon & Diamond D - "Femme Fatale" - Black Tie Affair (Full Plate)
12:55am Dday One - "Meaning" - Journal Extended (Content (L)abel)
12:47am Blockhead - "UFOMG" - Funeral Balloons (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:45am Kristoff Krane - "Forgiven Blood" - Kairos, Pt. 1 (F I X)
12:41am Open Mike Eagle - "95 Radios (feat. Has-Lo)" - Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (Mello Music)
12:36am Megan Ran - "Old Enough (feat. Chest & Sammus)" - Extra Credit (RandomBeats)
12:31am Grip Grand - "A Mind Reader" - All Ages (s/r)
12:28am URBS - "Hey (feat. Wordsworth) (Brenk Sinatra Remix)" - Remix EP Vol. 1 (Beat Arts Department)
12:24am Prozack Turner - "Don't Wanna Let You Go" - Not Everybody Sleeps At Night (s/r)
12:20am Uncommon Nasa - "God's Aim (feat. Short Fuze & Bronze Nazareth)" - Written At Night (Man Bites Dog)
12:14am Def3 - "Serenity" - Small World (Urbnet)
12:09am Frameworks - "Three Years" - Kings (Loci)
12:07am Milo - "Magician (Suture)" - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! (Ruby Yacht)
12:04am Bru Lei - "Ideas" - Selfie (Public School)
12:00am Illmac & Goldini Bagwell - "Throne Away" - Ethereal (Heaven Noise)
12:57am Billy Woods - "Fall Back" - Known Unknowns (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:50am Career Crooks - "Newlywed (feat. Dewey Bryan, Mally & PremRock)" - Good Luck With That (Urbnet)
12:46am Carolina Dirty - "Passion" - Cinderealla Stories (HiPNOTT)
12:43am Nickie P - "Breakthrough" - The Triumphant Rise & Tragic Existence of Sick Nick (s/r)
12:40am Shredders - "Cult 45" - Shredders EP (Doomtree)
12:36am Exalt the Anti - "Going Coastal (feat. Uncommon Nasa)" - Hip Hop Against the World (Abolano)
12:32am Lt Headtrip - "Sleep Rap (feat. Jules Baxter)" - Comedy of the Filthbeast (Karma Kids)
12:26am Blockhead - "UFOMG" - Funeral Balloons (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:20am Kristoff Krane - "Resurface" - Kairos, Pt. 1 (F I X)
12:16am Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - "Panacea" - Triple Fat Lice (Rhymesayers)
12:14am 2Mex - "Deception" - Lospital (Water the Plants)
12:10am Soul Square & Racecar - "Human Condition" - Hidden Truth (s/r)
12:07am Def3 - "Life's a Trip (feat. Clark Smith)" - Small World (Urbnet)
12:04am Milo - "Call + Form (Picture)" - Who Told you to Think??!!?!?! (Ruby Yacht)
12:00am Charlotte Dos Santos - "Red Clay" - Cleo (Fresh Selects)
12:59am Brother Ali - "Work Everyday" - Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color (Rhymesayers)
12:55am Junk Science - "Jerry McGuire" - Gran'Dad's Nerve Tonic (Def Jux)
12:52am Sahtyre - "J-O-B" - High Saht (s/r)
12:48am Mr. Lif - "Live From the Plantation" - I Phantom (Def Jux)
12:42am RoQ'y TyRaid - "Application, Dedication, Discipline" - The Dichotomy of RoQ'y TyRaid (s/r)
12:39am Ardamus - "I Just Love My Job Today" - A Day In the Life of Modern Day Living (s/r)
12:32am Jonwayne - "Rainbow (feat. Danny Watts)" - Rap Album Two (Authors Recording Co.)
12:29am Ecid - "Wrong Guy" - How to Fake Your Own Death (Fill In the Breaks)