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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 4, 2017 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:57am Young RJ - "Huh (feat. Daru Jones)" - Blaq Royalty (Ne'AStra)
12:52am Onry Ozzborn - "Birfday" - c v p ii d (TED)
12:48am Open Mike Eagle - "Daydreaming In the Projects" - Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (Mello Music Group)
12:44am ChanHays - "Diamonds (feat. Vice Souletric, Tora & Rapper Big Pooh)" - Here (Droppin' Science)
12:40am Zerolex - "Yellowstone" - M.I.L.D. (Cascade)
12:37am Shredders - "Holy Moses" - Dangerous Jumps (Doomtree)
12:35am Buy Muy Drugs - "Yayu" - Buy Muy Drugs (s/r)
12:31am RSXGLD - "Converse (feat. Jerreau)" - RSXGLD (Fat Beats)
12:28am Binary Star - "noitavO" - Binary Star (15 Year Anniversary Edition) (Subterraneous)
12:21am DEDE - "Drops of War" - Panoply (Fresh Selects)
12:18am Coolzey & Fresh Kils - "Please Don't Kill Me (feat. Mega Ran as Nega Ran & Coolzey as Cruel Z)" - Kilzey (Public School)
12:15am Duncecap - "Definitely (feat. Elucid & Quelle Chris)" - Rapping is for Idiots (Karma Kids)
12:12am Illmac & Goldini Bagwell - "The Who?" - Ethereal (Heaven Noise)
12:07am TOKiMONSTA - "Rose's Thorn" - Lune Rouge (Young Art)
12:03am Squalloscope - "Being a Person" - Exoskeletons for Children (Fake Four Inc)
12:58am Kayer - "Breakin' Ground (Feat. Vinroc)" - Permanent Knock (Sublevel Epidemic)
12:52am Open Mike Eagle - "My Auntie's Building" - Brick Body Kids Still Daydreaming (Mello Music Group)
12:49am Bermuda Triangle - "Aquaman" - Underwater Pyramidz (Grilchy Party)
12:45am Armand Hammer - "Dianetics (feat. Curly Castro)" - Rome (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:42am Shredders - "Fly As I Dare" - Dangerous Jumps (Doomtree)
12:39am Marcus D - "Bar Lupin" - Melancholy Prequel (Absolutzero)
12:34am Blu & Exile - "Things We Say (feat. Aloe Blacc)" - In the Beginning: Before the Heavens (Fat Beats)
12:28am Jungle Brothers - "Brain" - Brain (Gee Street)
12:23am LS Camp - "The Blak Nerd Xperience (feat. Blak Nerd)" - Back to the Basics (The Boom Bap) (HiPNOTT)
12:19am Black Sheep - "Have U.N.E. Pull (Remix)" - The Choice Is Yours (Polygram)
12:15am KMD - "Humrush" - Who Me b/w Humrush (Elektra)
12:11am Damu the Fudgemunk - "In My Regretless Lifetime" - How It Should Sound Vol. 3, & 5+ (Redefinition)
12:09am Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black - "Midnight Mode" - Midnight Mode (Jazz Plastik)
12:04am Asheru & Blue Black - "Smiley" - Soon Come (7 Heads)
12:00am Coolzey & Fresh Kils - "Bendy McGraw" - Kilzey (Public Schol)
12:00am Jazz Spastiks - "" - ()
12:57am Kayer - "Stolen Vote" - Permanent Knock (Sublevel Epidemic)
12:54am Milo - "Take Advantage of the Naysayer" - Who Told You To Think??!!?!?!?! (Ruby Yacht)
12:51am Open Mike Eagle - "Daydreaming in the Projects" - Brick Body Kids Still Daydream (Mello Music Group)
12:44am Tom Waits - "Step Right Up" - Small Change (Elektra)
12:41am PremRock - "Step Right Up" - Mark's Wild Years (s/r)
12:38am Juggaknots - "New $$$" - Use Your Confusion (-Mattic)
12:35am Richie Cunning - "One Dollar Wonder" - Night Train (Routine Fly)
12:31am B.I.C. - "This Money" - Influence (High Water Music)
12:28am Apollo Brown - "Money (feat. Masta Ace & Wordsworth)" - Grandeur (Mello Music Group)
12:24am J-Live - "Money Matters" - Around the Sun (Mortier Music)
12:19am Qwel & Maker - "New Cents" - Beautiful Raw (Galapagos4)
12:16am Problemaddicts - "Money (feat. Platypus Complex)" - The Dark Side of Oz (s/r)
12:13am Cleen & Elephant Gerald - "Underground Makin' Money" - View From the Balcony (Broken Complex)
12:11am Lyrics Born - "U Ass Bank" - Later That Day (Quannum)
12:08am Guilty Simpson - "Money" - Detroit's Son (Stones Throw)
12:05am PaceWon & Mr. Greeen - "I Need Money" - The Only Color That Matters Is Green (Raw Poetix)
12:00am Amiri - "Money Hungry" - The New Negative (HiPNOTT)
12:00am J-Live - "Money Matters" - Around the Sun (Mortier Music)
12:58pm Jazz Spastiks - "Cannabis (Dietary Essential)" - Scratch & Sniff (Jazz Plastik)