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Wandering the foggy moors of dreamland with only a Victrola to light the way. Where songs about Jesus and Satan intermix with ditties about cheeses and seitan. Tipping sacred cows as we stumble towards a kind of Valhalla where Ish Kabibble shares a table with Subbulakshmi.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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9:35am Steely Dan - "Cousin Dupree" - Two Against Nature (Giant)
9:30am Steely Dan - "Babylon Sisters" - Gaucho (MCA)
9:26am Steel Dan - "Black Friday" - Katy Lied (ABC)
9:22am Walter Becker - "Upside Looking Down" - Circus Money (5 Over 12)
9:15am Steely Dan - "Bad Sneakers" - Katy Lied (ABC)
9:10am Walter Becker - "Cringemaker" - 11 Tracks of Whack (Warner Bros.)
9:05am Walter Becker - "Hard Up Case" - 11 Tracks of Whack (Warner Bros.)
9:00am Steely Dan [Walter Becker (February 20, 1950 – September 3, 2017)] - "The Fez" - The Royal Scam (ABC)
11:58am Rubén González - "La Engañadora" - Introducing...Rubén González (Nonesuch)
11:55am Al Valdés y Su Conjunto - "Guajira" - Cuba! Cuba! (Putumayo)
11:53am Suzanne Ciani - "Anthem" - Piano Reprise (Private Music)
11:49am Suzanne Ciani - "Princess with Orange" - Lixiviation (Finders Keepers)
11:42am Suzanne Ciani - "Coca-Cola Pop and Pour" - Lixiviation (Finders Keepers)
11:38am Suzanne Ciani - "Clean Room" - Lixiviation (Finders Keepers)
11:16am Suzanne Ciani - "The Eighth Wave" - The Velocity of Love (Private Music)
11:09am Suzanne Ciani - "Mosaic" - Neverland (Private Music)
11:06am Så Synd Du Måste Gå - "Anna-Fryd Lyngstad" - The Girls Want the Boys!: Swedish Beat Girls 1964–1970 (Ace)
11:03am Little Person - "Somebody Said" - I Feel Fine (S/R)
11:00am Pokey LaFarge - "Riot in the Streets" - Manic Revelations (Rounder)
10:54am Nicole Mitchell - "The Chalice" - Mandoria Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (For Practically Everyone)
10:51am Suzanne Ciani - "Fish Music" - Fish Music 7" (Finders Keepers)
10:47am Trash Bag - "Darth Bathroom" - Trash Bag/Sikes (Get Hip)
10:44am Downtown Boys - "Somos Chulas" - Cost of Living (Sub Pop)
10:41am Broken Social Scene - "Towers and Masons" - Hug of Thunder (Arts & Crafts)
10:33am Laibach - "Das Nacthlied I" - Also Sprach Zarathustra (Mute)
10:29am Randy Newman - "Putin" - Dark Matter (Nonesuch)
10:27am Sam Amidon - "Ghosts" - The Following Mountain (Nonesuch)
10:24am Arca - "Reverie" - Arca (XL)
10:19am Jane Antonia Cornish - "Luminescence" - Into Silence (Innova)
10:04am Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - "Flood Down in Texas" - Texas Flood (Epic)
9:59am Van Morrison - "And It Stoned Me (Demo)" - Moon Dance (Warner Bros.)
9:57am Bob Dylan - "Down in the Flood" - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (Columbia)
9:54am Randy Newman - "Louisiana 1927" - The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol.1 (Nonesuch)
9:50am Robert Fripp - "Here Comes the Flood " - Exposure (Bonus Edition) (Discipline)
9:40am John Abercrombie Quartet - "Stray" - The First Quartet (ECM)
9:32am John Abercrombie Quartet - "Sunday School" - Up and Coming (ECM)
9:25am John Abercrombie - "Ghost Dance" - Characters (ECM)
9:11am John Abercrombie - "Timeless" - Timeless (ECM)
9:00am John Abercrombie (December 16, 1944 - August 22, 2017) - "Parable" - Characters (ECM)
11:57am Greyden Wolf - "Tomorrow" - Perfection is Never Clear (S/R)
11:53am Byrds - "Triad" - Fifth Dimension (Columbia)
11:49am Andrew Rosciszewski - "String Quartet No. 2. I. Prologue: Moderato" - Quartets No. 1 & 2 (S/R)
11:47am Iceland Symphony Orchestra - "Emergence 1. Silence" - Recurrence (Sono Luminus)
11:42am Laibach - "Ein Verkündiger" - Also Sprach Zarathustra (Mute)
11:39am Wire - "I Am the Fly" - Chairs Missing (EMI)
11:37am Velvet Underground - "I'll Be Your Mirror (Live)" - Peel Slowly and See (Disc 5) (Polydor)
11:34am Benjamin Gibbard - "Guiding Star" - Bandwagonesque (Canvasback)
11:31am Carl Craig - "C-Beams Glitter" - Versus (Infiné and Planet E)
11:28am Alt-J - "Hit Me Like That Snare" - Relaxer (Atlantic)
11:23am Cash Box Kings - "Don't Let Life Tether You Down" - Royal Mint (Alligator)