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Monday, June 26, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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7:22pm Thievery Corporation - "The Temple of I & I" - The Temple of I & I (ESL)
7:19pm Faithless - "Flowerstand Man" - Reverence (Arista)
7:15pm Ravyn Lenae - "Last Breath" - Midnight Moonlight EP (Three Twenty Three)
7:08pm Applesauce Tears - "Outskirts and Upskirts" - Commuters (Black Cottage)
7:03pm Red Snapper - "Snapper" - Reeled and Skinned (WARP)
2:56pm Paul the Trombonist - "Light Speed" - Journey to the World (S/R)
2:51pm xx, The - "Lips" - I See You (Young Turks)
2:48pm Nite Jewel - "2 Good 2 Be True" - Real High (Gloriette)
2:44pm Tuxedo - "Special" - II (Stones Throw)
2:38pm Tanika Charles - "Heavy" - Soul Run (Record Kicks)
2:35pm Betty Harris - "I'm Gonna Git Ya" - New Orleans Funk Vol. 2 (Soul Jazz)
2:34pm Laurel Aitken - "Quizas Quizas" - En Espanol (Liquidator)
2:30pm M-Tet - "The Yo-Yo" - Long Play (Lugnut Brand)
2:26pm Ondatropica - "De Mar a Mar" - Baile Bucanero (Soundway)
2:19pm Klaus Wunderlich - "El Cumbanchero" - Sudamericana (Telefunken)
2:16pm Candido - "Caravan" - Candido in Indigo (ABC-Paramount)
2:11pm Watch TV and the Primetimes - "WItchcraft" - Discolexia (Hitop)
2:06pm Sefi Zisling - "Avocado Dance (feat. Nomok)" - Beyond the Things I Know (Raw Tapes)
2:01pm Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang - "Stop Jealous" - Build Music (Luaka Bop)
1:52pm Lusine - "Just a Could (feat. Vilja Larjosto)" - Sensorimotor (Ghostly)
1:46pm Pale Blue - "Have You Passed Through This Night" - Comes Home / Have You Passed Through This Night (ME ME ME)
1:42pm Julie London - "Light My Fire" - Jazz Chillout v1.0 (Blue Note)
1:38pm Somi - "BLUE" - Petite Afrique (Sony)
1:31pm Kurtis Mantronik - "On the Beatbox" - Music for the Dusted (Oxygen Music Works)
1:27pm UMC's - "One To Grow On" - Fruits of Nature (Wild Pitch)
1:24pm DJ Vadim - "You Can Try" - Life Is Moving: DJ Vadim presents the Electric (Organically Grown Sounds)
1:20pm Oddisee - "Hold It Back" - The Iceberg (Mello Music)
1:12pm Mack, The - "Street Labels" - Street Labels (Sound of the Underground)
1:08pm Banks - "Drowning (Dave Glass Animals Remix)" - Goddess (Remixes) (Capitol)
1:05pm Rainy Milo - "Speed Limit" - I Knew I Had a Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking) (Limey)
12:54pm Mads Tolling and the Mads Men - "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" - Playing the 60s (Madsmen Records)
12:50pm Waldeck - "Get On Uppa (feat. la Heidi)" - Gran Paradiso (Dope Noir)
12:46pm Chico Mann + Captain Planet - "Cuentos de Anoche" - Night Visions (Bastard Jazz)
12:36pm Slugabed - "Infinite Wave" - Inherit the Earth (Anticon)
12:32pm Mannequin Lung - "Chai" - The Art of Travel (Plug Research)
12:00pm Sr. Langosta - "Insular" - El Experi0 (Ropeadope)
9:25pm Paul Hardcastle - "Rain Forest (Remix)" - Rain Forest (Profile)
9:23pm Here Lies Man - "Belt of the Sun" - S/T (Riding Easy)
9:19pm Basement Freaks - "Gypsy Breaks (Spark Arrester Remix)" - Gypsy Breaks (Aniligital)
9:14pm Masayoshi Takanaka - "Rainbow Paradise" - Lovin' Mighty Fire: Nippon Funk Soul Disco (BGP)
9:07pm Russ Mason - "Prep Rap (Instrumental)" - Prep Rap (Nemperor)
8:59pm Rainy Milo - "Speed Limit" - I Knew I Had a Heart (Because I Felt It Breaking) (Limey)
8:56pm Nite Jewel - "The Answer" - Real High (Gloriette)
8:52pm Chinese Man - "Stone Cold (feat. Mariama)" - Shikantaza (Chinese Man Records)
8:48pm Oddisee - "NNGE (feat. Toine)" - The Iceberg (Mello Music Group)
8:45pm Allergies - "Seven Days" - As We Do Our Thing (Jalapeno)
8:42pm Tanika Charles - "Soul Run" - Soul Run (Record Kicks)
8:35pm M-Tet - "So Boss" - Long Play (Lugnut Brand)
8:32pm Bob French's Storyville Jazz Band - "Y'er Comes the Funky Man" - New Orleans Funk Vol. 4 (Soul Jazz)
8:30pm Wynn Stewart - "Come On" - The Best of the Challenge Masters (Jackpot)