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Always some classical, a lot of punk, a mixture of anything else weird or funny or mood-of-the-day, plus a lot of very inane commentary. Usually there's something French too.

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3:30am Thornetta Davis - "Sunset" - Sunday Morning Music (Sub Pop)
3:22am Carrie Elkin - "Niagara" - The Penny Collector (Elkin Productions)
3:03am Amanda Harberg - "Concerto for Viola and Orchestra" - Viola Concertos (Naxos)
2:54am Paul Knopf - "The Lost Cow" - Enigma of a Day ({Playback)
2:49am Carmen Lundy - "I Got Your Number" - code noir (Afrasia)
2:45am Jan Daley - "When Sunny Gets Blue" - When Sunny.../ (Log)
2:39am Isis Damil - "My Romance" - Higher Standards (Creative Works)
2:31am Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton - "Wildflower Blues" - Wildflower Blues (cinquefoil)
2:27am Amber Lamps - "Discretion" - Plaidypuss (Providence)
2:23am Darto - "Guiding Light" - Human Giving (aagoo)
2:20am Patricia Pettinga - "And We Sing" - Roots Vol. 7 (Poet Fan)
2:17am Mastersons - "Highway" - Transient Lullaby (RedHouse)
2:10am Iron & Wine - "Thomas County Law" - Beast Epic (Sub Pop)
2:05am Teenage Bottle Rocket - "Back & Forth" - Stealing the Covers ..... (Fat Possum)
2:00am Jean Caffeine - "Winterland" - ()
1:54am Flamin' Groovies - "What the Hell's Goin' On" - Fantastic Platic (Snic)
1:51am Rancid - "Buddy" - TroubleMaker (Hellcat)
1:48am Eddie Haskells - "Addicted" - (unpublished)
1:44am CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - "Alice in Blunderland" - ()
1:39am Lord Buckley - "Supermarket" - Way Out... (World Pacific)
1:32am Jimi Hendrix - "Belly Button Window" - The Cry of Love (Reprise)
1:28am The Body - "Go Naked In The Rain" - Psychedelic States, Vol 1 (MO!60s)
1:20am Rolling Stones - "Down Home Girl" - Now! (LONDON)
1:01am Eric Burdon &The Animals - "New York 1963 - America 1968" - Every One Of Us (MGM)
3:26am Motley Crue - "TnT Terror" - Dr. Feelgood (Elektra)
3:22am Motley Crue - "TnT Terror" - ()
3:22am Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - Rake It In (Fat)
3:19am Maia & Williamson - "I Made A Mistake" - Sickk (Leopard Lady)
3:14am Smitten - "Take You For A Ride" - Stellar (Not Happy)
3:10am The Vicious Sweet - "Heather" - Obsessively Yours (Not Happy)
3:06am The Weegs - "Pity Party" - TheMillion Sounds Of Black (Hungry Eye)
3:02am The Gazillions - "Jimmy Carter Meets The Killer Rabbut" - Have Landed... (Round)
2:58am Portashrine - "My Heartache, My piece of Pie" - Portashrine (Kevin Army)
2:54am Megan McCauley - "I'll Pay You To Shoot Him" - Sampler ((self-released))
2:47am Jeb Loy Nichols - "Long I've The Loser" - Country Hustle (City Country City)
2:43am Willie & Allie - "Spent Some Time In Buffalo" - Between A Rock And A Country Place ((self-released))
2:40am Alison Krauss - "Windy City" - Windy City (Capitpl)
2:32am Tim McDonald - "Now I'm Here Alone" - Life Worth Livin' (Tim McDonald Records)
2:29am Front Country - "Millionaire" - Other Love Songs (Organic)
2:27am Dan Bern - "Love Makes All The Other Worlds Go Round" - Drifter ((self-released))
2:23am Dead Fingers - "Pomp and Circumstance" - Big Black Dog (Pipe and Gun)
2:17am Fleming Moore - "Down Around Me." - Folk Songs For The Apocalypse ((self-released))
2:10am Tift Merritt - "When I Cross Over" - Bramble Rose (Lost Highwy)
2:00am Motley Crue - "TnT Terror" - Dr. Feelgood (Elektra)
1:50am Iceland Symphony, Anna Thorvalsdottir - "Dreaming" - Recurrence (Sono Luminus)
1:45am Thomas Carnacki - "You have not given us cups, so we shall use our beaks." - Where's My Love, My Eyes Are Gone, The Rains Are Coming (Alethiometer)
1:42am Holly Roadfeldt - "with longing" - The Preludes Project (Ravello)
1:36am CarbonWorks - "The End" - CarbonWorks (Neverdun)
1:24am Edie Hill - "Canción De El Alma" - Clay Jug (Navona)
1:01am Karel Husa - "Music For Prague (1968)" - Music From 6 Continents (Vienna Modern Masters)