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Live in the KALX studio, local musicians of varied styles perform at the beginning of the show (9 pm to approximately 10:30 pm). Then at around 10:30 pm there will be a live broadcast from a local club and/or rerun of a previously taped live performance from a local venue.

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Saturday, November 25, 2017 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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These times are shown in Pacific time

11:12pm Kalx Live - "Meatypaws" - -- (--)
11:44pm Tempo No Tempo - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KALX Live!)
11:25pm Butterfly Bones - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KALX Live!)
11:04pm Happy Clams - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KALX Live!)
10:50pm Gary Higgins - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KALX Live!)
10:44pm Mane - "Lucifer's Baby" - Mane (S/R)
10:17pm The Years - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:11pm Mane - "Doe" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:08pm Mane - "New World Order" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
10:02pm Mane - "Surface" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:54pm Mane - "Dying On The Vine" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:50pm Mane - "White Knuckles" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:48pm Mane - "Bougainvilla" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:44pm Mane - "Bloodstone" - KALX Live Performance (KALX Live!)
9:30pm Littlest Birds - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KAX Live!)
9:02pm The She's - "KALX Live Archive" - KALX Live (KALX)
11:45pm Talking Heads - "11-26-78" - KALX Live! (KALX Live!)
11:20pm Tomorrowmen - "8-21-10" - KALX Live! (KALX Live!)
10:42pm Negative Standards - "Interview with Negative Standards" - 5-6-17 (KALX Live!)
10:25pm Izeovasis - "7-7-12" - KALX Live! (KALX Live!)
10:20pm -- - "" - ()
9:45pm Negative Standards - "5-6-17" - KALX Live! (KALX Live!)
9:28pm Cretaceous - "KALX Live Archive Performanc" - KALX Live Archives (KALX)
9:03pm Reptile Brain Virus - "KALX Live Archive Performance" - KALX Live Archives (KALX)
11:59pm -- - "--" - -- (--)
11:58pm The Clarences - "Interview" - -- (--)
11:55pm The Clarences - "For Once In My Life" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:52pm The Clarences - "Headless In Seattle" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:51pm The Clarences - "She's A Catagorist" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:49pm The Clarences - "The Children's Corner Of California" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:47pm The Clarences - "In Psycho Pedia" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:45pm The Clarences - "Force Mama Superstar" - Live on Meatypawse (KALX Live!)
11:43pm The Clarences - "Kerry and The Reed Estate" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:42pm The Clarences - "We Would If We Could But We Cant So We Wont" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:39pm The Clarences - "Mentally Snooze and Lose" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:38pm The Clarences - "Camp Cathedral" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:36pm The Clarences - "Diary Of A Brompton's Cocktail Waitress" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:35pm The Clarences - "Theme Song For Choices" - LIve on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:33pm The Clarences - "Ear Hustlin'" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:32pm The Clarences - "Happy Medium Inside A Happy Medium" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:31pm The Clarences - "Plea Bargain Market" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:30pm The Clarences - "Pregnant Pause Before The Prescription" - Live on Meatypawse (KALX Live!)
11:29pm The Clarences - "Speak Freedom Sunny Dome" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:28pm The Clarences - "Over Anxious Etc" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)
11:10pm 2nd Street Rag Stompers - "Archive 2009-0602" - Continued (KALX)
11:07pm Rising Appalachia - "Cumberland Gap" - KALX (KALX Live!)
10:48pm Up and Down - "Interview" - ()
10:45pm Fast Heart Mart - "Hippie Valentine" - KALX (KALX)
10:43pm -- - "--" - -- (--)
10:39pm Up and Down - "Down It Goes" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX Live!)