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What you hear is only most of what you get; requests, mostly of the rockin' kind, are incredibly welcome. It's opinion scattered among caffeinated punk, hip-hop, ska, country, rap, rockabilly and practically anything else thrown at the listeners like so much rotten, yet strange, fruit. Run-on sentences are a way of life!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:55am Minutemen - "Jesus and Tequila" - Double Nickels On The Dime (SST)
8:51am Xetas - "The Jaws" - The Tower (12XU)
8:48am Rudes - "Nao Por Suas Maos" - Para Incomodar Street Punk Brasil Vol. 1 (Longshot)
8:41am Wall Of Voodoo - "Lost Weekend" - Call of the West (IRS)
8:38am Plugz - "Reel Ten" - Repo Man OST (San Andreas)
8:35am Ogres - "Uh Huh" - Third Man Fuzz (Hillsdale)
8:33am Waylon Jennings - "Ladies Love Outlaws" - Ladies Love Outlaws (RCA)
8:29am Whiskey Gentry - "Dead Ringer" - Dead Ringer (Pitch A Tent)
8:26am Woody Guthrie - "Pretty Boy Floyd" - Early Masters (Tradition)
8:16am Morning 40 Federation - "McCain" - Field Trip (S/R)
8:14am Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits - "Blues Turn Brown (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (from "Trainwreck To Narnia") (KALX)
8:09am Sarchasm - "Tides II" - Tides (1986'd)
8:06am Futuro - "A Ultima Peca" - Habitos Ruins (Dirt Cult)
8:04am Rancid - "Gunshot" - Let's Go! (KALX Edit) (Epitaph)
7:57am Patsy - "Eat It" - Typical Girls Vol. 2 (Emotional Response)
7:54am Zeke - "Zeke You" - Kicked In The Teeth (Epitaph)
7:51am Golden Pelicans - "Smell The Lightning" - Disciples of Blood (Goner)
7:46am Gary Glitter - "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" - The Gang, The Band, The Leader (Castle)
7:41am Dean Gray - "Dr. Who On Holiday" - American Edit (S/R)
7:34am Eli Brueggeman - "Lonely The Homie" - Gringolandia (Three Cranes)
7:27am Esses - "Burning" - No Light in this Fire (Atakra)
7:23am Brat Kings - "Coffins" - Hypnopedia (Dirt Cult)
7:20am Briefs - "Come Back" - Odd Numbers (Modern Action)
7:19am Aerobitch - "Hey Jimmy" - Time To Start Kickin' Ass (Punch)
7:16am Nuevo Catecismo Catolico - "To Hell & Back" - To Hell & Back (Punch)
7:11am Ramones - "Needles And Pins" - Road To Ruin (Rhino)
7:07am Toma - "Count Me Out" - Aroma (S/R)
7:04am Cha Cha Guitri - "Les Yeux Ouverts..." - French Synth Wave (Born Bad)
6:59am Nina Hagen - "Was Es Ist" - Angstlos (CBS)
6:56am Army of the Universe - "1999" - 1999 & The Aftershow (Metropolis)
6:48am Negazione - "Niente" - ... Lo Spirito Continua (Mordam)
6:46am Negative Approach - "Evacuate" - Tied Down (Touch and Go)
6:41am Poison Girls - "Reality Attack" - Hex (Water Wing)
6:34am David Bowie - "Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed" - Space Oddity (Ryko)
6:29am Barbarellatones - "Eclipse" - Naked Brunch (S/R)
6:22am Violence Creeps - "Sewer Baby" - Soul Narc (Digital Regress)
6:20am Bad Cop/Bad Cop - "Womananarchist" - Warriors (Fat Wreck Chords)
6:18am Midnite Snaxxx - "Attitude" - Chew On This! (Pelican Pow Wow)
6:00am NOFX - "The Decline" - The Decline (Fat Wreck Chords)
8:55am Esses - "Sea Of Red" - No Light In This Fire (Atakra)
8:46am Flipper - "Sex Bomb" - Generic Flipper (Subterranean)
8:37am Sarchasm - "Tides II" - Tides (1986'd)
8:31am Gary Wrong Group - "Floods Of Fire" - Gary Wrong Group (12XU)
8:27am Morning 40 Federation - "Field Trip" - Field Trip (S/R)
8:23am Yol Aularong - "Jeas Cyclo (Riding A Cyclo)" - Cambodian Rocks (Parallel Worlds)
8:19am Neung Phak - "Ko Muay De Ka" - Mono Pause (Abduction)
8:11am Replacements - "Here Comes A Regular" - Tim (Sire)
8:06am Dashboard Confessional - "Bend And Not Break" - A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar (Vagrant)
8:03am Mad Doctors - "Justin's A Cop" - No Waves, Just Sharks (King Pizza)
8:01am David Peel & Death - "Murder Burgers" - King Of Punk (Hozac)