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3:11am Godspeed You Black Emperor - "We Drift Like Worried Fire" - Alleleujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)
2:51am Golden Retriever - "Observer" - Light Cones (Root Strata)
2:42am Wadada Leo Smith - "Divine Love" - Divine Love (ECM)
2:21am Miles Davis - "Lonely Fire" - Big Fun (Columbia)
1:59am Matmos - "The West" - The West (Autofact)
1:48am Thrones - "Googander" - Alraune (The Communion Label)
1:24am Dreams Of Dying Stars - "Devourer Of Worlds" - Stardance (NULLL)
1:03am Yes - "Gates Of Delirium" - Relayer (Atlantic)
3:18am Philippe Petit - "Movement 4" - Extraordinary Tales Of Lemon Girl — Chapter 2: Fire-Walking To Wonderland (Aagoo)
3:13am Yasunao Tone - "Part II" - Solo For Wounded CD (Tzadik)
3:06am Actress - "Grey Over Blue" - Ghettoville (Ninja Tune)
3:01am Giraffes? Giraffes! - "Scorpion Bowls At The Hong Kong" - Pink Magick (S/R)
2:57am Wavves - "Beach Goth" - Wavvves (Fat Possum)
2:51am Ulver - "Christmas" - Blood Inside (The End)
2:41am Takeshi Nakamura - "inferior_article#2" - Inferior Aritcles ()
2:37am Thrones - "Coal Sack" - Day Late, Dollar Short (Southern Lord)
2:31am Zavoloka - "Moment of Serenity Flows" - Vedana (Kvitnu)
2:26am Daedelus - "At Attentions" - Drown Out (Anticon)
2:24am tehn - "Modernize (On The Discreditation Of Hyper-Progress)" - tomorrowperhaps ()
2:09am Kelvox 1 - "Stephen" - Grazed Red (Aagoo)
2:04am Telephone Jim Jesus - "Two Clasping What They Believe Is One Another" - A Point Too Far To Astronaut (Anticon)
1:57am Chaz Damier & Stacey Pullen - "Forever Monna" - Forever Monna (Balance)
1:52am Patternclear - "Dread (Highgate Mix)" - Synapticon (Fich-Art)
1:47am Lucrecia Dalt - "Mirage" - Syzygy (Ear Music)
1:43am Chris Watson - "Bosque Seco, Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica" - Stepping Into The Dark (Touch)
1:38am Chris Watson - "Vultures, nine birds feeding on zebra carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya" - Outside the Circle of Fire (Touch and Go)
1:32am Dick Pasty - "Richard Drugs" - Richard Drugs (S/R)
1:27am Preghost - "Siusin" - Ghost Story (n5MD)
1:26am Gato Barbieri - "Last Tango In Paris Suite: Part 19" - Last Tango In Paris OST (United Artists)
1:22am The Notwist - "Signals" - Close To The Glass (Sub Pop)
1:14am Cherushii - "Partykanone" - Queen Of Cups (100% Silk)
1:05am Blevin Blectum - "Cromis Part 1 - Part 2" - Emblem Album (Aagoo)