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11:56pm Mosquitos - "Into The Drain" - Mexican Dust (Six Degrees)
11:38pm Everyone Is Dirty - "Live Interview" - -- (--)
11:33pm Orixa - "Umbabarauma" - 2012: Elegua Digital (Elegua)
11:27pm Los Wemblers de Iquitos - "Sonido Amazónico" - Ikaro Del Amor (Barbes)
11:09pm Everyone Is Dirty - "(2nd!) Live Set" - -- (--)
11:00pm La Cuneta - "La Rebusca (feat. Deuce Eclipse)" - Canambuco (Round Whirled)
10:49pm Antibalas - "Gold Rush" - Where the Gods Are In Peace (Daptone)
10:07pm Everyone Is Dirty - "Live Set" - -- (--)
10:02pm Black Ice - "I Judge The Funk" - Hadley Murrell Presents Funk You (HDM)
9:53pm Los Sweet Bones - "Ciudad Enferma" - Ciudad Enferma (S/R)
9:50pm The Human Race - "Out Of Control" - I Don't Mind (Teenadelic)
9:45pm Death By Unga Bunga - "Bye Bye" - Bye Bye (Jansen)
9:44pm The Mad Doctors - "Mind Riot" - No Waves, Just Sharks (King Pizza)
9:41pm The Mad Doctors - "Justin's A Cop" - No Waves, Just Sharks (King Pizza)
9:34pm Guantanamo Baywatch - "Area 69" - Desert Center (Suicide Squeeze)
9:30pm L.A. Witch - "Untitled" - L.A. Witch (Suicide Squeeze)
11:56pm Cibo Matto - "Sugar Water" - Super Relax (Warner Bros.)
11:53pm Jake Shimabukuro - "Ukulele Five-O" - Grand Ukulele (Mailboat)
11:49pm Gal Costa - "Barato Total" - Samba Soul 70! (Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees)
11:39pm Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers - "Psychedelic Pucho" - Heat! (Prestige)
11:33pm Ondatropica - "Bogota" - Baile Bucanero (Soundway)
11:29pm Sonora Dinamita - "Mejor Sola Que Con El" - Cumbia Pa' Saborear (Fuentes)
11:21pm Mokoomba - "Kumikanda" - Loyando (Out There)
11:18pm Oumou Sangare - "Mogoya" - Mogoya (No Format!)
11:09pm Quetzal - "La Lloroncita" - The Eternal Getdown (Smithsonian Folkways)
11:04pm Natalia Lafourcade - "No Mas Llorar" - Hasta La Raiz (Sony)
10:56pm Scarth Locke - "Homecoming" - Can't Not (Earthville)
10:51pm Oyama - "Lung Breathers" - Made in Iceland Vol 9 (IMX)
10:50pm Jascha - "Lamb Sandwich" - The Future Unlimited (S/R)
10:35pm Samora Pinderhughes - "Transformation" - The Transformations Suite (Gray Area)
1:01pm Death By Unga Bunga - "Best Friends" - Pineapple Pizza (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
12:48pm Death By Unga Bunga - "Live Interview" - -- (--)
12:45pm Trails And Ways - "Jacaranda" - Archived performance excerpt (KALX Live!)
12:31pm Death By Unga Bunga - "Live performance" - -- (--)
12:26pm Ensemble Novo - "Vento Bravo" - Look To The Sky (Frosty Cordial)
12:19pm Flaming Lips - "Almost Home" - Oczy Mlody (Warner)
12:14pm Danny & the Darleans - "Little Black Egg" - Bug Out (In The Red)
12:12pm The Evaporators - "Mohawks & Dreadlocks" - Ogopogo Punk (Mint)
12:08pm Hungry Skinny - "Hot Dang" - Hungry Skinny (S/R)
12:05pm Death By Unga Bunga - "I Cant't Believe That We're Together" - Pineapple Pizza (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
8:57pm CJ Allegre - "Little Life" - excerpt from archived live performance (KALX Live!)
8:49pm Moon Hooch - "Shot" - Red Sky (Hornblow)
8:46pm Eerie Wanda - "Angel Hair" - Hum (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
8:42pm Jain - "Makeba" - Zanaka (RCA)
8:35pm Butanna - "Pleasure Principle" - excerpt from archived live performance (KALX Live!)
8:33pm Monsters - "Too Pretty To Be Loved" - M (Voodoo Rhythm)
8:29pm Bordge - "Bright Clouds & Black Rainbows" - Fatigue (Zero Hero)
8:24pm Bazooka - "They Travel" - Useless Generation (Slovenly)
8:20pm Audacity - "Counting The Days" - Hyper Vessels (Suicide Squeeze)
8:11pm Zomba Prison Project - "I Will Never Stop Grieving For You, My Wife" - I Will Never Stop Singing (Six Degrees)