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Friday, September 29, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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7:52pm Jhereck Bischoff - "The Wolf" - Cistern (Leaf)
7:46pm Jason Sharp - "Still I Sit. With You Inside Me Pt 2" - A Bot Upon Its Blood (Constellation)
7:41pm John Cale - "Temper" - Seducing Down the Door: A Collection 1970-1990 (Rhino)
7:33pm Koji Asano - "drip" - Monsoon (Solstice)
7:19pm Myrmyr - "Dancing In Captivity" - The Amber Sea (Digitalis)
7:16pm Auto Da Fe - "Sophie" - The Spectre (Secret Eye)
7:13pm My Invisible - "Innocence" - My Invisible (s/r)
7:06pm The Tower Recordings - "train lips: the savage sons" - Transfiguration of the Nice Price (Spirit of orr)
7:00pm Sikhara - "Al Medina" - Bardos State (Urckarm)
6:54pm Eddie the Rat - "Place Your Head Upon the Brick" - Out Behind the 8-Ball (Edgetone)
6:49pm Surplus 1980 - "Trying To Succeed, Waiting With Little To No Results" - Relapse In Response (Dephine Knormal)
6:46pm U.S. Maple - "When A Man Says Ow!" - U.S. Maple: When A Man Says Ow! (Skin Graft)
6:40pm Silver Apples - "I have known love" - Silver Apples (TRC)
6:37pm The Julie Ruin - "Roses More Than Water" - Hit Reset (Hardly Art)
6:33pm Death Sentence Panda! - "In Love With Witches" - Spectral Arms (Explorerist International)
6:30pm unwound - "totality" - Mkultra/ Totality (Kill Rock Stars)
6:08pm Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay - "Amalgam" - Amalgam (Northern Spy)
1:58pm Cluster - "Plas" - Cluster II (SPV Brain)
1:52pm Chris Abrahams - "Receiver" - Fluid To the Influence (Room 40)
1:49pm Loren Connors - "Red Mars I" - Red Mars (Family Vineyard)
1:47pm Cube - "Bargain Water" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
1:40pm Can - "Father Cannot Yell" - Monster Movie (Spoon)
1:35pm Wreckmeister Harmonies - "Some Were Saved Some Drowned" - Light Falls (Thrill Jockeys)
1:27pm Excavacations - "Gished" - Object Permanence (Weird Forest)
1:23pm PJ Harvey - "Water" - Dry (Indigo)
1:20pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Dune" - House In the Tall grass (Guru Guru Brain)
1:10pm Fire on Fire - "Haystack" - The Orchard (Young God)
1:07pm Hale Zukas - "Magic Maze pt 1" - Hale Zukas (s/r)
12:57pm The Incredible String Band - "Maya" - Relics of the Incredible String band (Elektra)
12:55pm Caethua - "I'm the wake of March" - Tube Mind/ Wrecks and Rescues (Saxwand)
8:37pm Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay - "Amalgam" - Amalgam (Northern Spy)
8:29pm Cube - "Autocomposite/ Face Fetish" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
8:24pm Todd Dockstader - "Two Moons of Quartermass: First Moon" - Quartermass (Starkland)
8:18pm Nolan Stolz - "Princess Ka'iulani (he mele Ho oipoipo" - various: Modes vol 30 (Navona)
8:10pm Anais Maviel - "Gens de la Mer #1" - hOULe (Gold Bolus)
8:07pm John Benson - "Earthquake" - Copenhagen (Turned Word)
8:02pm Faun Fables - "Ydun" - Born of the Sun (Drag City)
7:55pm Accolade - "Carnival" - Festivalia (s/r)
7:47pm Medicine Moon - "New Year's Drum" - Tales of An Umber Earth (Pesanta Urfolk)
7:40pm Amber Asylum - "Exodus" - The Natural Philosophy of Love (Release)
7:35pm Jason Sharp - "A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt 3" - A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellations)
7:26pm Andrew Tuttle - "Forgotten Username?" - Fantasy League (Room 40)
7:21pm Core of the Coalman - "Inertia I" - Box of the Last (Zum)
7:15pm Marielle V Jakobson - "The Beginning Is the End" - Star Core (Thrill Jockey)
7:12pm Federico Durand - "Recuerdos en Super 8" - A Traves Del Espejo (12K)
7:00pm TriAngular Bent - "Don and the Voyager" - TriAngular Bent (TriAngular Bent)
6:55pm Bran... Pos - "Archival Rodeo At the Gambling Hall of Double Rights and Truths" - Coin Op Khepri (Crippled Intellect)
6:50pm Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - "Love After Love" - A Year With 13 Moons (Kemado)
6:38pm Hide - "Limb For Limb" - Flesh For the Living (Midwich)
6:33pm Mia Doi Todd - "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Song Book (City Zen)