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2:45pm Norman Westberg - "MRI" - MRI (Room 40)
2:31pm Porya Hatami - "Terminal" - Arrivals and Departures (Time Released Sound)
2:29pm Kali Z Fateau - "Moonlight Swim" - Intuit (Flying Note)
2:25pm Rick Parker & Li Daiguo - "A Steady Heartbeat Is the Sound of Death" - Free World Music (eleven2eleven)
2:22pm Marielle V Jakobsons - "Rising Light" - Star Core (Thrill Jockey)
1:59pm Couloir - "Serere" - Maxwell Muhily (Ravello)
1:48pm Kristen Hersh - "Whole Heep of Little Horses" - Murder Misery and Then Goodnight (4AD)
1:43pm Flying Saucer Attack - "Up In Her Eyes" - New Lands (Drag City)
1:40pm Lamontikon Datastreams - "Reptilian" - Transmission Station Fantastic (Exstablishment)
1:33pm Chen Santa Maria - "You're Sunk" - Chen Santa Maria (Shit On)
1:25pm Lavendar - "Cortege Funebre" - Horizons Beneath the Surface (Jacktone)
1:18pm Marc Barreca - "Jumbled" - Subterrane (Palace of Lights)
1:10pm Electric Prunes - "Big City" - Lost Dreams (Birdman)
1:07pm Pridjevi - "ako je" - Pridjevi (Trouble In Mind)
1:05pm Woods - "From the Horn" - At Echo Lake (Woodsist)
1:01pm Flamingods - "Majestic Fruit" - Majesty (Soundway)
1:00pm Chris Abrahams - "As Tranquil as an Apple" - Fluid To the Influence (Room 40)
12:57pm Foot Village - "World Fantasy (featuring Weirdo Begirdo)" - Fuck the Future (Deathbomb Arc)
12:50pm Medicine Moon - "Blue Juice" - Medicine Moon (Pesanta)
12:46pm Sun City Girls - "Holy Ground" - Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)
12:42pm Jack O the Clock - "Bethlehem Watcher" - Night Loops (s/r)
12:36pm Faun Fables - "Mountain" - Born of the Sun (Drag City)
12:29pm White Magic - "Winds" - Dark Stars (Drag City)
12:25pm Andrew Tuttle - "Injury Crisis" - Fantasy League (Room 40)
12:22pm Cube - "Silhouette" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
12:17pm EMA - "Marked" - Past Life Martyred Saints (Souterrain Transmission)
12:10pm Flipper - "The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly" - Sex Bomb Baby (Water)
12:08pm Amps For Christ - "Snapdragons" - Circuits (Vermiform)
12:04pm Dylan Shearer - "Bye Bye" - Kitchert Mit Freunden (s/r)
12:02pm Wooden Wand - "Arc" - Death Seat (Young God)
2:55pm Mia Doi Todd - "The Circle Game" - Songbook (City Zen)
2:43pm Couloir - "Clear Music" - Maxwell Muhly (Ravello)
2:38pm Robert Rich - "Voice of Rust" - What We Left Behind (Soundscape Productions)
2:23pm Anais Maviel - "Blues Ferraille" - hOULe (Gold Bolus)
2:14pm Nels Cline - "It Only Has To Happen Once" - Lovers (Blue Note)
2:10pm Jack O the Clock - "The Pilot" - All My Friends (S/R)
2:07pm Goblin - "Witch" - Soundtrack for Suspiria (Cinevox)
2:00pm Rick Parker & Li Daiguo - "All-Purpose Remedy For Indescribable Emotional Discomfort" - Free World Music (eleven2eleven)
1:54pm Invisible Hands - "Black Weather Shoes" - Invisible Hands (Abduction)
1:52pm CoH - "Evangelion Rock (Cameron Shafii Remix)" - Return to Mechanics (Ge-Stell)
1:44pm Swck - "No Converter Box" - Unicorn Chasers (Atavistic)
1:39pm Kali Z Fateau - "Celestial Trolleycar" - Intuit (Flying Note)
1:36pm Sun Ra - "Rocket Number Nine" - Space Is the Place (Impulse!)
1:22pm Patty Waters - "Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair" - Patty Waters Sings (Esp-Disk)
1:10pm Andrew Tuttle - "Activation" - Fantasy League (Room 40)
1:08pm CCR Headcleaner - "Curl or Pearl" - Tear Down the Walls (In the Red)
1:05pm Impractical Cockpit - "Opus Magenta Dixieland" - Facilidad? (Turned Word)
12:57pm Kid Millions - "No Sleeping Bag" - Beyond the Confession: Kid Millions Reworks Harry Tausig (Tompkins Square)
12:54pm Bob Brown - "Quiet Waterfall" - The Wall I Built Myself (Tompkins Square)
12:49pm Faun Fables - "Born of the Sun" - Born of the Sun (Drag City)