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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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3:04pm Current 93 - "This Carnival Is Dead and Gone" - The Inmost Light (Durtro Jnana)
5:55pm Ned Rothenberg - "Shadow Detail" - Ryu Nashi/ No School (Tzadik)
5:49pm Thea Farhadian - "silverplate" - Tectonic Shifts (Creative Sources)
5:45pm Sudden Infant - "Slomono Z'ev remix" - Psychogic Einzelkind (Blossoming Noise)
5:40pm Automatisme - "Transport 2" - MomentForm Accumulations (Constellation)
5:35pm Circuit Des Yeux - "Ride Blind" - In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
5:32pm Syamsudin - "Sigumendar" - v/a: folk and pop sounds of Sumatra (Sublime Frequencies)
5:26pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Melted Crystal" - House In the Tall Grass (GuruGuru Brain)
5:23pm Diane Cluck - "Sandy Ree" - Oh Vanilla Ova Nil (Important)
5:19pm Jackson C Frank - "Blues Run the Game" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
5:12pm Thuja - "track 4" - the deer lay down their bones (tUMULt)
5:06pm Medicine Moon - "Veins" - Tales of An Umber Earth (Pesanta)
5:00pm Faun Fables - "Born of the Sun" - Born of the Sun (Drag City)
4:55pm Tin Hat Trio - "Nickel Mountain" - The Rodeo Eroded (ropeadope)
4:52pm Sun Ra & his solar-myth orchestra - "The Satellites Are Spinning" - the solar-myth approach vol 1 & 2 (Charly)
4:47pm Bennett/ Johnston/ Mezzacappa/ Rosaly - "The Storm We See/ The Sea We Saw" - Shipwreck 4 (No Business)
4:42pm Magma - "Spirituals" - Attahk (Charly)
4:36pm Rangda - "Plugged Nickel" - Formerly Extinct (Drag City)
4:33pm Oneida - "You're Drifting" - The Wedding (Jagjaguar)
4:25pm 3 Leafs - "Realize Your Worth" - Space Rock Tulip (s/r)
4:19pm Off World - "Primitive Streak" - 1 (Constellation)
4:17pm Cube - "Toothpaste Commercial" - My Cube (Lefthand Path)
4:03pm Evangelista - "Hello Voyager" - Hello Voyager (Constellation)
4:00pm Porest - "Wrong Reality" - Prude Juice For the Heritage Swinger (Seeland)
3:57pm The Kinks - "Big Black Smoke" - Face To Face (Castle)
3:56pm Tim Presley - "The Wink" - The Wink (Drag City)
3:52pm Did Is Dead - "Sixth Extinction" - Did Is Dead/ No Business (Dumster Fire)
3:44pm Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - "Jesus Alone" - Skeleton Tree (Kobalt)
3:40pm This Heat - "A New Kind of Water" - Deceit (ReR)
3:35pm Helen Money - "Machine" - Become Zero (Thrill Jockey)
3:25pm Stinking Lizaveta - "Staying Here Intro" - Caught Between Worlds (At a Loss)
3:18pm Morricone Youth - "Barbra" - Night of the Living Dead (Country Club)
3:13pm Dan Plonsey - "F" - Wise King Taken by the Foolish One/ Music of El Cerrito Vol 2B (Limited Sedition)
3:08pm Sam Shalabi - "Der El-Bahri from Air (Poseidon Council: Billy Marvels and Sam Shalabi)" - Osama (Alien8)
3:02pm Sun City Girls - "This Is My Name" - Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)
5:55pm Faun Fables - "Madmen & Dogs" - Born of the Sun (Drag City)
5:43pm Thomas Dimuzio - "Lightswitch" - Slew (ReR)
5:40pm Heldon - "Perspective II" - Heldon IV: Agnetta Nilsson (Cuneiform)
5:37pm Boris - "Non/sha/lant" - Pink Bonus Tracks (Sargent House)
5:27pm Neu! - "Im Glinde" - Neu! (Astralwerks)
5:22pm The Dead C - "Four" - Trouble (Ba Da Bing)
5:20pm CCR Headcleaner - "I'm Alive" - Tear Down the Wall (In the Red)
5:13pm San Francisco Water Cooler - "April In the Orange" - II (Sun Sneeze)
5:05pm Wreckmeister Harmonies - "Light Falls III: Light Sick" - Light Falls (Thrill Jockey)
5:00pm Sarah Neufeld - "From Our Animal" - The Ridge (Paper Bag)
4:55pm Jhereck Bischoff - "Headless" - Cistern (Leaf)
4:47pm Steve Roden & Mem 1 - "The Uncertainties of Movement I" - A floating wave of air (Estuary)
4:40pm Jack Rose - "Tree In the Valley" - Luck In the Valley (Thrill Jockey)
4:35pm Fred Frith - "Returning Home: the wind" - Eye To Ear II (Tzadik)
4:29pm Medicine Moon - "Coming Out of the Moon" - Tales of An Umber Earth (Pesanta Urfolk)