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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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3:52pm Heron Oblivion - "Sudden Lament" - Heron Oblivion (Sub Pop)
3:47pm Richard Youngs - "Looking At a Rainbow" - Kichert Mit Freunden (s/r)
3:43pm Snakefinger - "Vivian Girls" - Chewing Hides the Sound (East Side)
3:40pm Puff Pieces - "Psychological Test" - 4 Songs (Lovitt)
3:38pm Diseno Corbusier - "La Fanatica" - Stadia (Dark Entries)
3:35pm Cube - "Private" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
3:23pm Cluster - "Rote Riki" - Zuckerzeit (SPV/ Brain)
3:21pm Off World - "No Host" - 1 (Constellation)
3:18pm Matmos - "Mental Radio" - The Marriage of True Minds (Thrill Jockey)
3:10pm Fire On Fire - "Assinine Race" - The Orchard (Young God)
3:04pm Medicine Moon - "New Year Drum" - Tales of an Umber Earth (Pesanta)
3:00pm Faun Fables - "Mouse Song" - Family Album (Drag City)
5:51pm Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead" - Crackle (Beggers Banquet)
5:41pm Harry Pussy - "Showroom Dummies" - What Was Music? (siltbreeze)
5:39pm Cube - "Silhouette" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
5:37pm Suzanne Languille & Neel Murgai - "Invocation/ Child" - Wild and Foolish Hearts (Family Vineyard)
5:34pm Twine - "In Through the Devices" - Violets (Ghostly International)
5:28pm Sun City Girls - "Severed Finger With a Wedding Ring" - Carnival Folklore Resurrection: Severed Finger With A Wedding Ring (Abduction)
5:24pm The Dead C - "4" - Trouble (Ba Da Bing)
5:15pm Thee Oh Sees - "Dead Man's Gun" - A Weird Exit (Castle Face)
5:12pm Did Is Dead - "Out of body Out of mind" - Did Is Dead/ No Business (dumpster fire)
5:09pm Effigies - "Haunted Town" - Haunted Town (autumn)
5:06pm Joy Division - "Dead Souls" - Heart and Soul (London)
5:04pm Lamontikon Datastreams - "Cells in a larger body" - Transmission Station Fantastic (Exstablishment)
5:02pm Jason Sharp - "In the Consruction of the Chest, There is a Heart" - A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellation)
4:57pm Patsy Cline - "Walking After Midnight" - The Essential Patsy Cline (RCA)
4:55pm Shirley Collins - "Salisbury Plain" - Love Death and the Lady (BGO)
4:50pm Faun Fables - "O Death" - Early Songs (Drag City)
4:44pm Medicine Moon - "Hey Apparition" - Tales of An Umber Earth (Pesanta)
4:38pm Marielle V Jakobsons - "Rising Light" - Star Core (Thrill Jockey)
4:35pm Jenny Hval - "Female Vampire" - Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)
4:33pm Wreckmeister Harmonies - "My Lovely Son Reprise" - Light Falls (Thrill Jockey)
4:29pm Davenport - "Thou Shall Be Waking" - Free Country (Last Visible Dog)
4:25pm Caroliner Rainbow - "I'm Armed With Quarts of Blood" - I'm Armed With Quarts of Blood (s/r)
4:21pm Suspiria - "Witch" - Suspiria Soundtrack (Cinevox)
4:17pm PJ Harvey - "The Devil" - White Chalk (Island)
4:12pm Diamanda Galas - "Aint No Grave Can Hold My Body Down" - Serpenta Canta (Mute)
4:10pm Art Bears - "Skeleton" - Winter Songs (ReR)
4:05pm Buffy Sainte Marie - "Poppies" - Illuminations (Vanguard)
3:58pm On - "Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night and Flies Around My Bed" - Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night (Type)
3:55pm Jandek - "I'll Come Back" - Your Turn To Fall (Corwood)
3:50pm Negativeland - "One More For the Rodeo" - Death sentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak (Seeland)
3:43pm Quixotic - "Anonymous Face" - Mortal Mirror (Kill Rock Stars)
3:40pm Rusalnaia - "The Sailor and the Siren" - Rusalnaia (Camera Obscura)
3:34pm Pentangle - "Cruel Sister" - Cruel Sister (Warner Bros.)
3:20pm Morricone Youth - "At the Gravesite/ Beat Em Or Burn Em" - Night of the Living Dead (Country Club)
3:15pm Auto Da Fe - "The Spectre" - The Spectre (Secret Eye)
3:13pm Charming Hostess - "Seven Spirits" - The Bowls Project (Tzadik)
3:10pm Rudimentary Peni - "The Horrors In the Museum" - Cacaphony (Outer Himalayan)
3:07pm Sonic Youth - "Confusion Is Next" - Confusion Is Sex (Goofin)