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4:39am Slim Twig - "Textiles On Mainstreet" - Thank You For Stickin With the Twig (DFA Records)
4:37am Bern Porter - "This is a demonstration of an attack on a book" - Music for Children of all ages (Turned Word)
4:34am Diane Cluck - "This Is Our Love" - Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs by Karen Dalton (Tompkins Square)
4:24am Harry Partch - "Sanctus An Entr'acte" - Delusion of the Fury (Innovative Leisure)
4:23am Ennio Morricone - "Rapimento In Campo Aperto" - Crime and Dissonance (Ipecac)
4:20am Peter Whitehead - "Giselle" - Three Bags Full (Strange Attractors)
4:14am Circle - "Vaanen valtiatar" - Sunrise (Ekto)
4:06am Caetano Veloso - "Irene" - Caetano Veloso (Polygram)
4:01am Meg Baird - "Good Directions" - Don't Weigh Down the Light (Drag City)
3:55am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Labyrinth VII" - Euclid (Western Vinyl)
3:49am myrmyr - "hot snow III" - Fire Star (Under the spire)
3:45am The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow - "a lengthy explanation of sunbeams" - The Magnificent Shadow (Wow Cool)
3:00am Volcano the Bear - "The Great Reimbursing" - Golden Rhythm/ Ink Music ()
5:56am Niton - "uploud" - Tiresias (Pulver and Asche)
5:52am Meg Baird - "Even the Walls Don't ant You To Go" - Don't Weigh Down the Light (Drag City)
5:45am Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra - "Take Away These Early Grave Blues" - Fuck off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (Constellation)
5:39am Deadly Orgone Radiation - "Oversized Cupid" - Power Trips (Copeland)
5:33am Round Eye - "Street Light A" - Round Eye (Ripping)
5:29am Guapo - "Obscure Knowledge [Part III]" - Obscure Knowledge Part III (Cuneiform)
5:25am Sun City Girls - "Black Orchid" - Funeral Mariachi (Abduction)
5:16am Cul De Sac - "Death of the Sun" - Death of the Sun (Strange Attractors Audio House)
5:08am Sun Ra - "Images" - Space Is the Place (Impulse)
5:04am Fire On Fire - "Hanman" - Fire On Fire (Young God)
5:00am Liof Munimula - "Electric Leprosy" - The Jonah Syndrome (Garlic)
4:56am Ideal Bread - "Wish" - Beating the Teens--The Songs of Steve Lacey (Cuneiform)
4:42am Aranos - "enter" - Transfixiatio (Noise Museum)
4:37am Chihe Hatakeyama - "A Narrow Path of the Sacred Forest" - Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room 40)
4:31am Lasohalo - "Bad Night" - Lasohaloland (S/R)
4:24am Scot Arford/ Randy H.Y. Yau - "Realia" - Edit for Unconsciousness (Resipiscent)
4:20am Martin Gore - "Creeper" - MG (Mute)
4:14am Loren Connors - "Showers of Meteors" - Red Mars (Family Vineyard)
4:06am Diamanda Gals - "Thrill Is Gone" - Malediction & Prayer (Asphodel)
4:04am Suzanne Languille & Neel Murgai - "Child" - Wild and Foolish Heart (Family Vineyard)
4:00am Cheryl E Leonard - "Himo" - V/A: Outsound New Music Summit (S/R)
4:00am Yonatan Gat - "Gold Rush" - Director (Joyful Noise)
3:47am Mark Weber/ Michael Vlatkovich - "Poem 12" - Elasticity (pfMentum)
3:45am Nick Drake - "Ride" - Pink Moon (Rykodisc)
3:43am Chuck Johnson - "A Slender Thread" - A Struggle Not a Thought (Strange Attractors)
3:39am Larkin Grimm - "Be My Host" - Parplar (Young God)
3:32am Alice Coltrane - "Lovely Sky Boat" - A Monastic Trio (Impulse)