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3:07pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Kodama" - Forest of Lost Children (GuruGuru Brain)
3:07pm Thea Farhadian - "Ice Wave" - Tectonic Shifts (Creative Sources)
3:04pm Jackson C Frank - "My Name Is Carnival" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
3:01pm The Incredible String Band - "Witch" - ()
3:01pm Incredible String Band - "Witch's Hat" - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Elektra)
5:56pm Core of the Coalman - "Inertia 1" - Box of the Last Help (Zum)
5:45pm Godspeed you! Black Emperor - "Peasantry or Light! Inside of Light!" - Asunder Sweet and Other Distress (Constellation)
5:40pm Marielle V Jakobsons - "Rising Light" - Star Core (Thrill Jockey)
5:34pm Sun Ra - "We Sing This Song" - Spaceways (Freedom)
5:27pm Bennett/ Johnston/ Mezzacappa/ Rosaly - "The Storm We See the Sea We Saw" - Shipwreck 4 (No Business)
5:22pm Automatisme - "Transport 1" - Momentorm Accumulations (Constellation)
5:17pm Off World - "Old Brain" - 1 (Constellation)
5:14pm Dylan Shearer - "By Bye" - Snickers/ Dylan Shearer/ Richard Youngs: Kichert Mit Freunden (S/R)
5:09pm Liz Allbee - "the undersides" - Theseus Vs the Ship of Fools (Resipiscent)
5:05pm PJ Harvey - "Line In the Sand" - Hope Six Demolition Project (Island)
4:56pm Wooden Wand - "Eagle Claw" - Harem of the Sundry & the Witness Figg (Soft Abuse)
4:52pm Medicine Moon - "Brevity Sheds" - Tales of An Umber Earth (Pesanta)
4:46pm Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - "Long Beach Idyll" - The Island (Trouble In Mind)
4:35pm Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay - "amalgam" - amalgam (Northern Spy)
4:31pm Thea Farhadian - "Quantum Shift" - Tectonic Shifts (Creative Sources)
4:26pm Thor & Friends - "Slow Prisoner" - Thor & Friends (LM Duplications)
4:20pm Common Eider King Eider - "Bread King" - How to Build a Cabin (Yik Yak)
4:15pm Jason Sharp - "A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt 3" - A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellation)
4:09pm Carla Bozulich - "How To Survive Being Hit By Lightning" - Evangelista (Constellation)
4:02pm Alice Coltrane - "Journey In Satchidananda" - Journey In Satchidananda (impulse!)
3:59pm Loren Connors - "Child" - As Roses Bow (Family Vineyard)
3:55pm Leonard Cohen - "Sisters of Mercy" - Songs of Leonard Cohen (Columbia)
3:45pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Silver Owl" - House In the Tall Grass (GuruGuru Brain)
3:40pm Amon Duul II - "Archangel Thunderbird" - Yeti (Revisited)
3:37pm The USA Is A Monster - "Ruins" - Tasheyana Compost (Load)
3:21pm Thee Silver Mountain Zion - "Fuck Off Get Free" - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (Constellation)
3:18pm Buffy Sainte Marie - "Little Wheel Spin and Spin" - Little Wheel Spin and Spin (Vanguard)
3:05pm Art Ensemble of Chicago - "The Smooth Ones 2" - Great Black Music (Actuel)
3:02pm Ella Jenkins - "Moon Don't Go" - Call and Response:Rhythmic (Smithsonian Folkways)
5:50pm Okkyung Lee & Christian Marclay - "amalgam" - amalgam (Northern Spy)
5:44pm Death - "You're a Prisoner" - ....For the Whole World To See (Drag City)
5:40pm FiliaMotsa - "The Bus Is Late Again" - Like It Is (Aagoo)
5:35pm Boris - "So fun" - Pink Bonus Tracks (Sargent House)
5:28pm Rhys Chatham - "Guitar Trio (1977)" - Sampler (Radium)
5:22pm Jason Sharp - "A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt 3" - A Boat Upon Its Blood (Constellation)
5:16pm Ryan Huber - "Macedonia" - Kholstomer (Inam)
5:11pm Wooden Wand - "Bobby" - Death Seat (Young God)
5:06pm Charalambides - "Take the Pointing Finger for the Moon" - Our Bed Is Green (Wholly Other)
5:01pm Valet - "babylon 4 eva" - Naked Acid (Kranky)
4:55pm Lungfish - "Tick Tock" - Indivisible (Dischord)
4:50pm Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - "Alternator" - The Island (Trouble In Mind)
4:45pm Eluvium - "Movie Night Revisited" - False Readings On (Temporary Residence)
4:42pm Anais Maviel - "Gens de la Mer #1" - hOULe (Gold Bolus)
4:37pm Bennett/ Johnston/ Mezzacappa/ Rosaly - "Everything's Coming Up Rosaly" - Shipwreck 4 (NoBusiness)
4:31pm Ruins - "Thebes" - Symphonica (Tzadik)