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Friday, September 29, 2017 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:57pm My Cat Is An Alien - "Mats Gustafsson" - Volume IV (Important)
11:53pm Motorhead - "Breaking The Law" - Under Cover (Silver Lining)
11:48pm The Mandrake Memorial - "Witness The End/Celebration" - Medium (Poppy)
11:44pm Tony Allen - "Cool Cats" - The Source (Blue Note)
11:32pm John Elliott - "All These Good Goodbyes" - Good Goodbyes (Garland)
11:29pm George Jones - "If Drinking Don't Kill Me ( Her Memory Will)" - I Am What I Am (Epic)
11:25pm The Daybirds - "Turn Me In" - Turnstyle (EGG)
11:21pm Danny Schmidt - "Swing Me Down" - Instead the Forest Rose to Sing (Red House)
11:17pm Steve Poltz - "Hey Hey #19" - Folksinger (98 Pounder)
11:10pm Hello Phones - "Glitter" - Tripping The Light (Station)
11:07pm YYY (Feat. Matthew Jon) - "God Only Knows" - A Tribute to The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (S/R)
11:03pm The Move - "Hello Susie" - Shazam (Esoteric)
10:59pm Scully - "No Sense" - No Sense (Fire Talk)
10:57pm Whateverglades - "Your Good Girl's Go Bad" - Wish You Were (No Egrets Records)
10:51pm Mat Nathanson - "I Saw" - Beneath These Fireworks (UMG)
10:47pm David Fletcher - "Oceanside" - Lunchbox Cowboy (S/R)
10:43pm Tom Freund - "Collapsible Plans" - Collapsible (Surf Road)
10:38pm Chuck Prophet - "Willie Mays Is Up To Bat" - Temple Beautiful (Yep Roc)
10:32pm Randy Newman - "She Chose Me" - Dark Matter (Nonesuch)
10:30pm Don Williams - "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend" - The Best Of Don Williams Volume II (MCA)
10:26pm Neil Young - "Pocahontas" - Hitchhiker (Reprise)
10:22pm Carrie Elkin - "New Mexico" - The Penny Collector (S/R)
10:12pm Kyle Williams - "It's Okay" - San Francisco (S/R)
10:07pm Pearl Jam - "Faithfull" - Yield (Epic)
10:04pm The Welcome Matt - "The Soul Remains The Same" - Members Of Sound Vol 1-13 (S/R)
9:59pm John Craigie - "(x-rated set)/ Woodstock Baby" - Capricorn In Retrograde (S/R)
9:52pm L.A. Witch - "Drive Your Car" - L.A. Witch (Suicide Squeeze)
9:49pm Waco Bros - "Debora" - Cabaret Showtime (Bloodshoot)
9:45pm Los Wemblers de Iquitos - "Ikaro Del Amor" - Ikaro Del Amor (Barbes)
9:43pm Little Richard - "Rip It Up" - Here's Little Richard (Specialty)
9:41pm Lo Disco Duro - "Sin Parar" - La Murga Para (Discos Mas)
9:33pm Matt The Electrician - "Faithfully" - Animal Boy (S/R)
9:30pm Megan Slankard - "Bones Live Forever" - Running On Machinery (Daily Acts)
9:25pm Birds Of Chicago - "Firespitter" - Live From Space (S/R)
9:20pm Bob Schneider - "Bullets" - Lonelyland (UMG)
9:10pm Holger Czukay - "Secret Of My Life" - Eleven Years Interspace (Gronland)
9:08pm Can - "Can Can" - The Singles (Spoon)
9:00pm Hawkwind - "Psychedelic Warlords ( Disappear in Smoke)" - Hall Of The Mountain Grill (United Artists)
11:57pm Singuhr- Horgalerie - "Turntable History" - Turntable History (Importance)
11:47pm Holger Czukay - "Perfect World" - Rome Remains Rome (Caroline)
11:42pm Richard Thompson - "Genesis Hall" - Acoustic Classics II (Beeswing)
11:36pm Caravan - "Place Of My Own" - Place Of My Own (Verne)
11:33pm Los Daddys - "La Cumbia Para El Pueblo" - La Cumbia Para El Pueblo (Discos Mas)
11:29pm La Cuneta - "La Rebusca ( Ft. Deuce Eclipse)" - Canambuco (Round Whirled)
11:25pm The Beatles - "I Am The Walrus" - Magical Mystery Tour (Apple)
11:18pm Solitary Dancer (Feat. Marie Davidson) - "Emails 2 Myself" - Dualism (Dark Entries)
11:12pm Holger Czukay - "Hey Baba Reop" - Flop Hit RRR (Gronland)
11:06pm UNKLE - "Cowboys Or Indians" - The Road Part 1 (Songs For The Def)
11:00pm Holger Czukay - "Dark Moon" - Moving Pictures (Mute)
10:55pm Mane - "Bloodstone" - Alpha Female (Digital Regress)