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Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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3:29pm Jaime Branch - "Waltzer" - Fly or Die (IARC)
3:26pm C.P. Salt - "(I Got a) Crush on You" - Discombobulation (Surrend)
3:23pm Alexander "Chief" Long Rifle - "Slip it in When it's Wet" - Table of Everything (S/R)
3:20pm Terry Helton - "Synthetic Luv" - Carolina Tracks Take One (WROQ)
3:17pm Angel - "Little Boy Blue" - Little Boy Blue (Cube)
3:11pm Andy Haas - "Wind Waves" - Taballah II (Resonant Music)
3:10pm Motorhead - "You Better Swim" - The Spongebob Squarepants Movie OST (Sire)
3:07pm Twisted Sister - "I Wanna Rock" - Stay Hungry (Atlantic)
3:04pm Arnie Derksen - "She Wanna Rock" - Rare Rockabilly Vol. 2 (MCA)
3:02pm Eddie Fontaine - "One and Only" - One and Only (Decca)
5:57pm Mutoid Man - "Kiss of Death" - War Moans (Sargent House)
5:52pm Bad Manners - "That'll Do Nicely" - That'll Do Nicely (Portrait)
5:49pm Untouchables - "I Spy for the FBI" - Wild Child (MCA)
5:46pm Olympics - "Secret Agents" - Mine Exclusively (Mirwood)
5:43pm VanDyke Y The Bambis - "Doin' The Mod" - Doin' The Mod Vol. 1: The Go-Go Train (Sequel)
5:37pm Black Angels - "Currency" - Death Song (Partisan)
5:33pm Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - "Low Yo Yo Stuff" - The Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology (Rhino)
5:29pm Monophonics - "Like Yesterday" - Soul Slabs: Vol. 1 (Colemine Records)
5:26pm Don Bryant - "Can't Hide the Hurt" - Don't Give Up on Love (Fat Possum)
5:19pm Silvia - "Mata Hari" - Silvia (Dark Entries)
5:14pm Church - "When You Were Mine" - The Blurred Crusade (Parlophone)
5:11pm Yachts - "Yachting Type" - S.O.S. (Polydor)
5:07pm 20/20 - "Yellow Pills" - Poptopia Vol. 1 (Rhino)
5:03pm Oister - "You Can't Remember It" - 1973-1974 TEAC Tapes (Hozac)
4:58pm Charlatans U.K. - "The Only One I Know" - The Only One I Know (Dead Dead Good)
4:54pm Deep Purple - "Hush" - Shades of Deep Purple (Tetragrammaton)
4:50pm Onion - "Hello" - Hello (Epic)
4:47pm Warning - "XXI Century Blood" - XXI Century Blood (S/R)
4:43pm Celtic Frost - "Procreation of the Wicked" - Morbid Tales (Metal Blade)
4:38pm Ronnie Dio and the Prophets - "Do the Oop-Poo-Pah-Doo" - That'll Flat Git It Vol. 4 (Bear Family)
4:36pm Brenda Lee - "Dynamite" - Brenda Lee (Rumble)
4:31pm Davy DMX - "The DMX Will Rock" - The DMX Will Rock (Tuff City)
4:26pm Shabazz Palaces - "Moon Whip Quaz" - Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star (Sub Pop)
4:21pm Male Gaze - "Keep Yr Kools" - Miss Taken (Castle Face)
4:18pm Paul and Barry Ryan - "Glad to Know You" - Killed By Glam (Moonboot)
4:14pm Suzi Quatro - "Little Bitch Blue" - 48 Crash (Bells Atlas)
4:10pm Jefferson Starship - "Find Your Way Back" - Modern Times (Grunt)
4:06pm Supernova - "Chewbacca" - Calling Hong Kong (Golden Rod)
3:58pm Mission U.K. - "Tower of Strength" - Children (Mercury)
3:54pm Slow Poisoners - "Easy Virtue" - Great Spiders and Diamond Powder (Madcap Labs)
3:47pm Satan Jokers - "Les Fils du Metal" - Les Fils du Metal (Vertigo)
3:43pm Venom - "Black Metal" - Black Metal (Earmark)
3:39pm Ecid - "Gentrified Utopia" - How to Fake Your Own Death (Fill in the Breaks)
3:35pm Coup - "The Shipment" - The Shipment (Polemic)
3:28pm Floating Points - "Silurian Blue" - Reflections- Mojave Desert (Luaka Bop)
3:26pm Sweets - "Satisfy Me Baby" - Satisfy Me Baby (Soultown Records)
3:24pm Fabulettes - "Try the Worrying' Way" - Boys Can be Mean (Charly)
3:21pm Dragonfly - "Blue Monday" - Dragonfly (Megaphone)
3:18pm Suck - "The Whip" - Time to Suck (Parlophone)
3:12pm Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Cosmic Surfin'" - Yellow Magic Orchestra (Horizon)