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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:57pm Young-Holt Unlimited - "Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy" - Sioulful Strut (Brunswick)
2:50pm Elkhorn - "Depraved Heart" - The Black River (Debacle)
2:44pm Billy Preston - "That's Life" - It's My Pleasure (A&M)
2:42pm Damu the Fudgemunk - "Awakening" - Vignettes (Redefinition)
2:35pm To Be Continued Brass Band - "A Bungo" - Modern Times (Blue Train)
2:30pm Bronze - "Dulcinea" - World Arena (Not Not Fun)
2:23pm Outer Embassy - "Excursus" - Outer Embassy (Outer Sound)
2:16pm DJ Female Convict Scorpion - "Yoko Ono" - Clash Ups IV (s/r)
2:10pm Dreamecay - "Ian" - Yu (Iron Lung)
1:22pm Young-Holt Unlimited - "Soulful Strutt Buy" - Soulful Strut (Brunswick)
1:16pm Lester Young - "A foggy Day" - Pres (Pablo)
1:14pm Halcali - "Peek-A-Boo" - Halcali Bacon (For Life)
1:10pm Mahmoud Ahmed - "Eneman Neberu" - Ethiopiques 26: 1972-74 (Budo)
1:08pm Plummons - "Last Train to Liverpool" - The Girls Want The Boys: Sweden's Beat Girls (Ace)
1:02pm John Zorn - "Uluwati" - The Dreamers (Tzadik)
12:57pm John Zorn - "The Possessed" - Music Romanc: Taboo & Exile vol 2 (Tzadik)
12:53pm John Zorn/ Yamataka Eye - "Kiri Taki" - Nori Nori II (Tmzadik)
12:50pm John Zorn - "Tahar" - Issachar (Tzadik)
12:48pm Masada - "Nevelah" - Vav (Six) (Tazadik)
12:46pm John Zorn - "End Titles" - Filmworks VI (Tzadik)
12:41pm John Zorn w/ Shelley Hirsch - "Erotica (The Burgler)" - The Big Gundown (Tzadik)
12:35pm Serpent Power - "Gently Gently" - Serpent Power (Vanguard)
12:33pm Goat - "Run to Your Mama" - World Music (s/r)
12:28pm Omar Souleyman - "Ya Boul Habari" - To Syria, with Love (Mad Decent)
12:22pm Kahalou Toundsi - "Taalaitat el Mtahar" - Kabla Ya Mkboula (Bulue Silver)
12:17pm Zia - "Heleayos" - Pomegranates (Finders Keepers)
12:13pm Ali Beletic - "Brilliant White Heat" - Legends of These Lands Left to Live (Lightening)
12:06pm Bombay Royale - "Zhooti Naina" - Run Kitty Run (Hopestreet)
12:03pm James & Bobby Purify - "let Love Come Between Us" - Soulful Pop (Varese)
12:00pm Lazy Knight & the Upsettes - "Everything's Gone Wrong" - Psyhedelic States: Missouri in the 60s (Gear Fab)
2:54pm Sonny Sharrock - "Many Mansions" - Many Mansions (Axiom)
2:45pm Bobby Hughes Experience - "Fuxa Riot" - Fuxa Riot (Ultimate Dilemma)
2:41pm Gorillaz ft Peven Everett - "Strobelite" - Humanz (Warner Brothers)
2:37pm Halcali - "AhAh Halicat Sensation" - Halicat Bacon (For Life)
2:33pm Leon Redbone - "Walking Stick" - On the Track (Warner Bros)
2:21pm William Parket Quintet - "Handsome Lake" - Meditation/ Resurrection (Aum Fidelity)
2:17pm Kletka Red - "Just a Glass of Wine" - Hijacking (Tzadik)
2:11pm Red Barat - "Shruggy Ji" - Shruggy Ji (Sinj)
2:09pm Ros Sereysothea - "Shave Your Beard" - Dengue Fever Presents Electric Cambodia (Tuk)
2:04pm Aki Kumar - "Kisi Ki 'Muskaraton Pe" - Aki Goes to Bollywood (Little Village Foundation)
1:49pm Nicole Mitchell - "Listening Embrace" - Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (For Practically Everyone)
1:44pm Black Dragons de Porto-Novo Dahomey - "Amon de Keledje" - Amon de Keledje (Albarike Store)
1:39pm Walrus - "Step Outside" - Family Hangover (Medical)
1:36pm Japanese Breakfast - "Boyish" - Soft Sounds from Another Planet (Dead Oceans)
1:30pm Machines of Loving Grace - "Golgotha Tenement Blues" - The Crow soundtrack (Atlantic)
1:26pm Judas Priest - "Killing Machine" - Hell Bent for Leather (Columbia)
1:20pm Silver Machine - "Golden Grass" - Silver Machine (s/r)
1:13pm Wayne Shorter - "In Walked Wayne" - Footprints (Columbia)
1:09pm Liggers - "Deathwish" - Subnormal Girls vol 1 (Waiting Room)
12:59pm DJ Femal Convict Scorpion - "Sammy DAvis, Jr" - Clash-Ups III (s/r)