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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:53pm Patti Cudd- "Newton's Rings" - EOS (Innova)
11:50pm --
11:43pm Chalachew Ashenati- "Memyew" - Ililta! New Ethiopian Dance Music (Terp)
11:42pm Sam Prekop- "The Republic 7" - The Republic (Thrill Jockey)
11:37pm Kyn- "Relapse" - Worlds (s/r)
11:32pm Venetian Snares- "Grind Drug" - Enema/Shit Fuckers EP (Isolate)
11:28pm Silvia- "Wintergarten"
11:25pm --
11:14pm Roy Harper- "The Same Old Rock" - Stormcock (EMI)
11:09pm Dylan Shearer- "Barely by the Waterside" - Garage Array (Castle Face)
11:04pm Sandy Denny- "It'll Take A Long Time" - Sandy (Universal Republic)
11:01pm The New Year- "Dead and Alive" - Snow (s/r)
10:57pm --
10:50pm Labradford- "And Jonathan Morken. Photo Provided By" - E Luxo So (Kranky)
10:44pm Maurice Ravel- "Pavane for a Dead Princess" - Maurice Ravel Plays Ravel (Everest)
10:38pm Nobukazu Takemura- "On A Balloon (excerpt)" - Scope (Thrill Jockey)
10:35pm Can- "Future Days" - The Singles (Spoon)
10:32pm --
10:31pm Lawrence English- "Requiem for a Reaper/Pillar of Cloud" - Cruel Optimism (Room40)
10:21pm Sun Ra- "Twin Stars of Thence" - Lanquidity (Evidence)
10:15pm Tortoise- "I set my Face to the Hillsides" - TNT (Thrill Jockey)
10:12pm Arto Lindsay- "Uncrossed" - Cuidado Madame (Northern Spy)
10:02pm Terry Riley- "Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band" - A Rainbow in Curved Air (Columbia)
10:01pm Baka Pygmies- "Yelli 2" - Heart of the Forest (Hannibal)
10:00pm Couleur Dessin- "Cinnamount Dum" - Self Titled (Fixture)
10:00pm --
9:56pm Jennifer Gentle- "Quarter to Three" - The Midnight Room (Sub Pop)
9:54pm Pavement- "Lions (Linden)" - Watery, Domestic (Matador)
9:50pm Brian Eno- "Needle in the Camel's Eye" - Here Come the Warm Jets (Virgin)
9:47pm --
9:44pm R Stevie Moore- "Bloody Knuckles" - Everything you always... (Distinctly Smart Wax)
9:39pm Beach House- "Baseball" - B-Sides and Rarities (Sub Pop)
9:37pm Chris Cohen- "Solitude" - Overgrown Path (Captured Tracks)
9:36pm Richard Dawson- "No-One" - Peasant (Weird World)
9:32pm Kevin Ayers- "Shouting in a Bucket Blues" - Bananamour (BGO)
9:30pm Big Star- "The India Song" - #1 Record (Stax/Ardent)
9:28pm Bert Jansch- "Come Sing Me..." - Birthday Blues (Superior Viaduct)
9:25pm --
9:19pm Timber Timbre- "Moment" - Sincerely Future Pollution (City Slang)
9:17pm Grumbling Fur- "Pyewacket's Place" - Furfour (Thrill Jockey)
9:12pm Gentle Giant- "An Inmates Lullaby" - In a Glass House (WWA)
9:09pm Rupture- "Voyage Sous La Mer" - Israel Suite/Dominante en Bleu (Sommor)
9:03pm Stereolab- "Young Lungs" - Oscillations from the Anti-Sun (Too Pure)
8:54pm Otis Macdonald- "A Day in the Life" - Undercover Presents: Beatles Sgt. Pepper's (S/R)
8:48pm James Carr- "Forgetting You" - You've Got My Mind Messed Up (Goldwax)
8:45pm Heavenly Melody- "Mood River" - On Tour (Overseas Radio and Television, Inc.)
8:43pm Yma Sumac- "Tree of Life" - Miracles (London)
8:37pm Thelema- "Ephemerol" - Ephemerol (Cineploit)
8:34pm Cornelius- "Count Five or Six" - Fantasma (Matador)
8:30pm WeR7- "Word Perfect (Edit)" - Cold Waves of Color Vol. 4 (Color Tapes)
8:24pm Spaceheads- "Bella Ciao" - Spaceheads (Dark Beloved Cloud)
8:20pm Nite Jewel- "Had to Let Me Go" - Real High (Gloriette)
8:11pm James- "One of the Three" - Laid (Virgin)
8:08pm Emitt Rhodes- "It's Been a Long Time" - Emitt Rhodes (Dunhill)
8:05pm Nuns- "Lazy" - The Nuns (Bomp!)
8:00pm Pye Corner Audio and Faten Kanaan- "The Darkest Wave" - The Darkest Wave (Polytechnic Youth)
7:53pm Kelly Lee Owens- "Anxi." - Kelly Lee Owens (Smalltown Supersound)
7:47pm Caterina Barbieri- "This Causes Consciousness to Fracture" - Patterns of Consciousness (Important)
7:42pm Cold Beat- "Thin Ice" - Chaos By Invitation (Crime on the Moon)
7:38pm Beranek- "How Could We Simply Die" - Sound of Danger (Dark Entries)
7:27pm Curtis Mayfield- "Pusher Man" - Harlem Shuffle (Plastic)
7:23pm Porkchop- "Big Mouth Blues" - Welcome to.... (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
7:19pm Conor Obrest- "Napalm" - Salutations (Nonesuch)
7:10pm Supertramp- "Bloody Well Right" - Crime of the Century (A&M Records)
7:06pm Sum Svitsu- "Svetley Ribaldl" - Czeching In (Skoda)
6:59pm Me First and the Gimme Gimmies- "End of the Road" - Rake It In: The Greatest Hits (Fat Wreck Chords)
6:57pm Ennio Morricone by Hugo Montenegro and his Orchestra- "For a Few Dollars More" - Ennio Morricone (RCA)
6:53pm Steve Reich- "Clapping Music" - Early Works (Nonesuch)
6:46pm Pentagram Home Video- "B1" - The Satanic Path (Death Waltz)
6:41pm Juana Molina- "Lentisimo Halo" - Halo (Crammed Discs)
6:38pm Stereophonics- "Angie" - Stoned (Mojo)
6:32pm Crime and the City Solution- "The Kentucky Click" - The Kentucky Click (Mute)
6:26pm Fun Boy Three and Bananarama- "The Tunarama Theme" - It Ain't What You Do.../Just Do it (Chrysalis)
6:22pm Muerte Pan Alley- "He Ain't Coming" - The Soundtrack to Intersection and Music For Inside The Ku Klux Klan (S.A.P.)
6:20pm The Players- "Run Pussy Cat" - Music for Gracious Living (Q.D.K.)
6:14pm Rup[ture- "Entre Se Ciis" - Israel Suite (Sommor)
6:12pm The Gear- "Planet of Love" - Blim (Chocolate Moustache)
6:08pm Datsuns- "Harmonic Generator" - The Datsuns (V2V)
6:04pm Martin Creed- "I Can't Move" - Weeds OST (Ryko)
6:01pm Love and Rockets- "Lazy" - Earth Sun Moon (Bigtime)
2:51pm Sophia Subbayya Vastek- "Jaunpuri (Michael Harrison)" - Histories (Innova)
2:50pm --- "--" - -- (--)
2:41pm Colleen- "Everything Lay Still" - Golden Morning Breaks (Leaf)
2:40pm Tanzania Albinism Collective- "Peace Has Vanished" - White African Power (Six Degrees)
2:36pm Musicians on the streets of Nima- "Chohun and Gyamadudu" - Ancient Ceremonies Dance Music & Songs of Ghana (Nonesuch Explorer)
2:28pm Pat Ndoye- "More Love" - Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat of Cameroon 1976-1984 (Analog Africa)
2:24pm --- "--" - -- (--)
2:19pm Bird Rollins- "Party" - Hot, Funky and Sweaty (Soul Patrol)
2:14pm Some Velvet Sidewalk- "Valley of the Clock" - Generate! (K Records)
2:07pm Man Forever- "Twin Torches (feat. Laurie Anderson)" - Play What They Want (Thrill Jockey)
2:02pm Yao Lee- "Liu Lian" - Asia: Music from Motion Picture Soundtracks (Mk2)
1:59pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:54pm Stewart Walker- "Rose Machine" - Ivory Tower Broadcast (Mundo)
1:51pm Exuma- "Dambala" - Exuma (Firesky)
1:47pm Alan Sondheim, Azure Carter, and Luke Damrosch- "hegelmadalmod" - Limit (Public Eyesore)
1:45pm Kassem Mosse- "Galaxy Series" - Disclosure (Honest Jon's)
1:41pm Squarepusher- "My Sound" - Music is Rotted One Note (Warp)
1:40pm --- "--" - -- (--)
1:37pm Detroit Illharmonic- "Echo of the Ghetto" - Resurget Cineribus (Ambridge)
1:30pm Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One- "Plug Me In" - d'Demonstrator (Warp)