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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:17am Grimble Grumble- "Wish Song" - Leaves Leader (Pehr)
3:13am Cozmic Corridors- "Dark Path" - Cozmic Corridors (Mental Experience)
3:09am Angel in Heavy Syrup- "A Series of Water Mind~ Reubens and the Cathedral" - IV (Monotremata)
3:07am --
3:03am Mogollar- "Hicaz Mandira" - Mogollar (Guerssen)
2:56am Carl Craig- "Darkness" - Versus (Infinite & Planete)
2:50am Crime and the City Solution- "Adversary" - A History of Crime: Berlin 1987-91 (Mute)
2:45am Mountain Goats- "Rain in Soho" - Goths (Merge)
2:44am --
2:37am Crash Worship- "Bhairava" - Crash Worship (Cold Spring)
2:30am Alice Coltrane- "Om Shanti" - World Sprituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Luaka Bop)
2:23am Torgeir Waldemar- "Souls on a String" - No Offending Borders (Jansen)
2:20am Hege Rimestad- "Krishna's Cousin" - Wizard Women of the North (NorthSide)
2:16am --
2:11am Robert Rich & Markus Reuter- "Glistening on Wet Tarmac" - Lift a Feather to the Flood (Soundscape Productions)
2:07am Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds- "Watching Alice" - Tender Prey (Enigma)
2:03am Tom Waits- "Alice" - Alice (Anti)
1:57am Paul Beauchamp- "Condense" - Grey Mornings (Boring Machine)
1:54am --
1:44am Kristine Barrett- "A Beacon of Light" - Spirits in My Blood Sing to Me at Night (S/R)
1:33am Black Spirituals- "Black" - Of Deconstruction (Sige)
1:29am --
1:26am Kitka- "Nani, Nani, Kitka Mou" - Cradle Songs (Diphonica)
1:25am Dan Plonsey- "D" - Wise King Taken by the Foolish One (Limited Sedition)
1:10am Rova Saxophone Quartet- "Grace" - Morphological Echo (Ratascan)
1:07am --
1:00am James Whiton- "Sunshine" - Perchance to Dream (Cindercone)
12:53am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:53am Chicago / London Underground- "A Night Spent Walking Through Mirrors (excerpt)" - A Night Walking Through Mirrors (Cuneiform)
12:47am Hear In Now- "Prayer For Wadud" - Not Living In Fear (IARC)
12:42am Jaimie Branch- "Theme 002" - Fly Or Die (IARC)
12:35am Peter Erskine and the Dr. Um Band- "Did It Have To Be You?" - Second Opinion (Fuzzy Music)
12:32am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:24am Jim Hall- "Minotaur" - ...Where Would I Be? (Milestone)
12:18am Cam Newton- "In The Temple Of The Falling Leaf" - Welcome Aliens (Inner City)
12:11am The Jack Wilkins Quartet- "Fum" - Merge (Chiaroscuro)
12:07am Mic Break- "--" - -- (--)
12:01am Dejohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, Scofield- "El Swing" - Hudson (Motema)
Friday, June 23, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:53pm Greg Cartwright- "Love Won't Leave You a Song" - Tin Ten (Dusty Medical)
11:49pm Marble Party- "Shotgun Superman" - Sometimes A Great Ocean (Floating)
11:45pm Marbled Eye- "Former" - EP2 (Digital Regress)
11:43pm --
11:36pm Bill Loko- "Nem Lambo" - POP MAKOSSA (Analog Africa)
11:30pm Pete Rock & CL Smooth- "Ghettos of the Mind" - Mecca & the Soul Brother (Warner Bros.)
11:27pm !!! (Chk Chk Chk)- "What R U Up 2Day?" - Shake The Shudder (Warp)
11:25pm --
11:22pm Warm Soda- "Young In Your Heart" - I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Castle Face)
11:19pm Diet Cig- "Maid of the Mist" - Swear I'm Good At This (Frenchkiss)
11:16pm Warning- "XXI Century Blood" - XXI Century Blood (S/R)
11:10pm The Kills- "Baby Says" - Blood Pressures (Domino)
11:06pm Melt- "Saber" - Ripper (Danger Collective)
11:04pm Stupidity- "OK" - 10 Years of Stupidity (Go Fast)
11:01pm Seb and the Radix- "Le Bon Vieux Temps" - Pop Apocalyptique (Gabu)
11:00pm Chastity Belt- "Don't Worry" - I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone (Hardly Art)
10:58pm Moonlandingz- "Neuf Du Pape" - Interplanetary Class Classics (Chimera)
10:54pm Ride- "All I Want" - Weather Diaries (Wichita)
10:50pm Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" - Kicking Against The Pricks (Homestead)
10:48pm --
10:44pm J. Geils Band- "First I Look At The Purse" - "Live" Full House (Atlantic)
10:37pm The Awful Truth- "No Good Reason" - The Awful Truth (Metal Blade)
10:32pm Gary Numan- "Berserker" - Berserker (Numa)
10:27pm Jason Falkner- "This Time" - I'm OK, You're OK (Noise McCartney)
10:25pm --
10:20pm Humble Pie- "Up Your Sleeves" - Greatest Hits Live (King Biscuit)
10:14pm Course of Empire- "Information" - Telepathic Last Words (TVT)
10:11pm Big Wreck- "No Fault" - The Pleasure and the Greed (Atlantic)
10:04pm The Lovemakers- "Times of Romance" - Times of Romance (Interscope)
10:02pm --
9:55pm Love and Rockets- "My Drug" - Lift (Red Ant)
9:52pm Jucifer- "Pontius of Palia" - If Thine Enemy Hunger (Relapse)
9:48pm Icehouse- "Icehouse" - Icehouse (Chrysalis)
9:47pm Trans Am- "I Want It All" - Red Line (Thrill Jockey)
9:43pm --
9:40pm Dream 6- "Human Condition" - Dream 6 (Happy Hermit)
9:37pm Die Kreuzen- "Stomp" - Century Days (Touch and Go)
9:34pm --
9:33pm Alexis Harte- "As Long As You Come Home" - 6 Spoons of Honey (S/R)
9:30pm Michael Manring- "Selene" - Wyndham Hill Guitar Sampler Vol 2 (Windham Hill)
9:26pm The Rubinoos- "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" - Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Rubinoos (Castle)
9:24pm Psychotic Pineapple- "The Devil Has Work for Idle Hands" - Where's The Party? (Richmond)
9:21pm --
9:17pm Golden Void- "Shady Grove" - Golden Void (Thrill Jockey)
9:13pm Imager- "Triskaidekaphobia" - Imager (S/R)
9:11pm Otzi- "Gong Show" - Gong Show EP (Long Way to Go)
9:08pm --
9:05pm Loverboy- "The Kid is Hot Tonite" - Loverboy (Columbia)
9:00pm The Darkness- "Friday Night" - Permission to Land (Atlantic)
8:51pm The Links- "Easy Come Easy Go" - Once Again (Link)
8:47pm Brook Benton- "Desertion" - Today (Cotillion)
8:43pm Pearl Bailey- "Just Like a Man" - All About Good Little Girls and Bad Little Boys (Roulette)
8:40pm Michael Nesmith- "Different Drum" - Michael Nesmith (RCA)
8:36pm Molly Burch- "Try" - Please Be Mine (Captured Tracks)
8:30pm The Links- "Malaguena" - Once Again (Link)
8:27pm Anonymous- "Anywhere on Earth" - Terribly Sophisticated Songs (WB)
8:24pm Gene and Wendell- "The Roach" - Bugs Out! (WFMU)
8:20pm Wavves- "Million Enemies" - You're Welcome (Ghostramp)
8:10pm Kali Bahlu- "Cosmic Telephone Call From the Angel Liesle and the Bhudda" - Cosmic Remembrance (Merlins Nose)
8:06pm Diskorder- "Side B" - Diskoreder (S/R)
8:00pm Can- "Hoolah Hoolah" - Singles (Spoon)
8:00pm Black Angels- "Currency" - Death Song (Partisan)