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Thursday, November 16, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:09am Joao Donato- "Ara" - 7" Single (Mr. Bongo)
3:04am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- "Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am" - The Kid (Western Vinyl)
2:58am Colleen- "Another World" - A Flame, My Love, A Freqeuncy (Thrill Jockey)
2:53am Slow Meadow- "Every Mournful Breath" - Slow Meadow (Hammock Music)
2:49am Kan Wakan- "Phantasmagoria Pt. 1" - Phantasmagoria (Murmur)
2:46am Ranking Joe- "World in Dub" - World in Dub (M Records)
2:41am Chambers- "011" - Sigma Flares II (Debacle)
2:37am Unknown Thai Artist- "Khaek Mong" - Thai Dancing Music (MLD)
2:30am Brooklyn Raga Massive- "In C Track 10" - In C (Northern Spy)
2:26am Sahib Shihab- "Om Mani Padme Hum" - 7" single (Mr. Bongo)
2:19am Tito Puente- "Tito's Odyssey" - 7" Single (Mr. Bongo)
2:15am Jaimie Branch- "Theme 001" - Fly Or Die (International Anthem)
2:11am Ensemble, Et Al- "Au Cheval" - The Slow Reveal (Imaginator)
2:10am Jazz Spastiks- "Chocolate (Food of the Gods)" - Scratch& Sniff (Jazz Plastik)
2:05am Beat Pharmacy- "Bowling Dub" - 7" Single (Sounds From the Well)
2:02am Can- "Spoon" - Singles (Spoon)
2:00am To Rococo Rot & i-Sound- "Milker" - Staedtizism (Scape)
1:56am Endurance- "Once More As A Human" - Enlightenment Interface (Sea Ov Clouds)
1:50am Helena Hauff- "c45P" - A Tape (Dark Entries)
1:46am Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno- "Echat Pa'lla (Version)" - Dog With A Rope (Tru Thoughts)
1:43am Gene Washington and the Ironsides- "Next to You" - Soul Slabs Vol. 1 (Colemine)
1:40am Jorge Ben & Toquiknho- "Carolina Coral Bela" - 7" Single (Mr. Bongo)
1:36am Oka!- "Yonga" - Oka! (Oka Productions)
1:25am The Incredible Maroon Commandos- "Sauda Unatia Aibu 1 & 2" - Hit Parade Number 1 (Polydor)
1:22am Midori Takada & Masahiko Sato- "Ancient Palace" - Lunar Cruise (WRWTFWW)
1:18am Lee - "Dread Lion (Dubstramental Mix)" - Super Ape Returns to Conquer (Subatomic Sound)
1:15am The Alps- "Crossing the Sands" - Le Voyage (Type)
1:11am Casey Foubert / James McAlister- "Big Moth" - Libray Catalog Music Series, Volume 3: Music For Drums (Asthmatic Kitty)
1:03am Idris Ackamoor- "Epiphany" - We All Be Africans (!K7)
12:57am Carter Scholz- "Luminous Void" - 8 Pieces (Frog Peak Music)
12:48am Stapleton & Tibet- "Bubblehead" - Musical Pumpkin Cottage (United Durtro)
12:44am Decimus- "Side B" - Decimus 8 (Kelippah)
12:40am Wabi Sabi- "Param" - Wabi Sabi (a-Musik)
12:34am brise-glace- "in sisters all and felony" - comic book and record set (Skin Graft)
12:27am irr. app. (ext.)- "Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection, Parts 2 & 3" - Perekluchenie (Beta-Lactam Ring)
12:23am Robert Ashley- "In Sar, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women" - 10 + 2 = 12 American Text Sound Pieces (Other Minds)
12:18am Mimir- "Side A" - Brainwashed 7" (Brainwashed)
12:15am Luc Ferrari- "Etudes aux sons Tendus" - Tautologies (EMF)
12:11am Gastr Del Sol- "20 Songs Less (Side A)" - 20 Songs Less (Teen Beat)
12:08am John Cale & Tony Conrad- "A Midnight Rain of Green Wrens at the World's Tallest Building" - New York in the 1960's (Table of the Elements)
12:04am Faust- "Out of Our Prison" - Patch Work (Staubgold)
12:00am Sone- "Passarelle Track 1" - Passarelle (and/OAR)
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:54pm Steve Adams & Tim Perkis- "Scratches, Scrolls" - A Few Eccentricities (Artifact)
11:50pm --- "--" - -- (--)
11:44pm Robin Cox- "Hovering" - Ghost of Time (Indianapolis Jones)
11:39pm Michael Bisio- "Sun Mystery Ra History" - Accortet (Relative Pitch)
11:28pm Saffron Ensemble- "Void" - Will You? (Tames)
11:25pm --- "--" - -- (--)
11:22pm Dorothy Ashby- "Soul Vibrations" - Afro-Harping (Cadet)
11:20pm Abilio Manoel- "Luiza Manequim" - Favela Chic (BMG)
11:17pm Claude Lombard- "Polychromés" - Chante (Sommor)
11:12pm Morricone Youth- "Sunrise (Samba)" - Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Country Club)
11:06pm Morricone Youth- "Sunrise (Main Title)" - Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Country Club)
11:02pm --- "--" - -- (--)
10:57pm Japonize Elephants- "Mélodie Fantastique" - Mélodie Fantastique (S/R)
10:53pm Hollow Everdaze- "Catastrophe" - Cartoons (S/R)
10:50pm Music Tapes- "March of the Father Fists" - 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad (Elephant 6)
10:48pm Bird Names- "Unibomba!" - Wooden Lake / Sexual Diner (Unsound)
10:43pm Ka Baird & John Saint-Pelvyn- "Year Two" - Five Years Inside The Sun (Tools in Common)
10:40pm --- "--" - -- (--)
10:20pm Vibravoid- "Krautfaktor I" - Mushroom Mantras (Stoned Karma)
10:13pm --- "--" - -- (--)
10:11pm Figub Brazlevic- "Passport" - 4x4 Palestine Jeep Beats (Krekpek)
10:09pm Alva- "Kill Everyone" - Slattery for Ungdom (Menlo Park)
10:07pm Myrkur- "Børnehjem" - Marerdit (Relapse)
10:04pm Chelsea Wolfe- "Vex" - Hiss/Spun (Sargent House)
9:59pm Dimesland- "Malfunctioning Gears" - Psychogenic Atrophy (Crucial Blast)
9:57pm --- "--" - -- (--)
9:55pm DNA- "Taking Kids to School" - DNA on DNA (No More)
9:53pm Caracoa- "A Warning Ignored" - End of Kings (Inam)
9:45pm Bitchin' Bajas- "Field Study" - Bitchin' Bajas (Drag City)
9:43pm Iva Bittová- "Slane se, kū" - J.H. (Indies)
9:40pm Tèshomè Meteku- "Gara se nèw bétesh" - Ethiopiques Vol. 1 (Buda Musique)
9:35pm --- "--" - -- (--)
9:30pm Meklit- "Human Animal" - When the People Move the Music Moves Too (Six Degrees)
8:57pm Nav Katze- "Wild Horses (Global Mix Communication)" - Never Mind The Distortion (XEO Invitation)
8:53pm Easystreet- "I Love Your Sexy Movie" - International Supernatural (Tip)
8:41pm Billy Bragg- "Which Side Are You On?" - Which Side Are You On? (Polydor)
8:37pm Graham Parker and the Rumour- "Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions" - Live in San Francisco (Mercury)
8:33pm James Hall Worship & Praise- "Great Is Our God" - Great Is Our God (Light)
8:28pm Elvis Costello- "Tramp The Dirt Down" - Spike (WB)
8:22pm Colourbox- "Inside Informer" - Colourbox (4AD)
8:17pm The KLF- "Build A Fire" - The White Room (KLF Communications)
8:12pm Partners In Crime- "On A Lonely Road" - On A Lonely Road (Single) (Transparent)
8:09pm MC2- "X-Tasy (Erotic Aha)" - X-Tasy (Transparent)
8:03pm Partners In Crime- "Let's Make Some Noise Tonight" - On A Lonely Road (Single) (Transparent)
7:51pm Stevie Wonder- "He's Misstra Know It All" - Innervisions (Motown)
7:49pm Sweet Inspirations- "Why Am I Treated So Bad" - Why Am I Treated So Bad (V-Jay)
7:45pm Brother Ali- "Uncle Sam Goddamn" - The Undisputed Truth (Rhyesayers)
7:37pm J.B.Lenoir- "Alabama Blues" - Alabama Blues (USA Records)
7:33pm Randy Newman- "Birmingham" - Good Ole Boys (Reprise)
7:29pm Meshell Ndegeocello- "Compared To What" - Talk To Me OST (Atlantic)
7:21pm St Germain- "Alabama Blues" - From Detroit To St. Germain (F Communication)
7:14pm Ken Nordine- "Faces In The Razzmatazz" - Word Jazz (Blue Note)
7:10pm Gogol Bordello- "Break Into Your Higher Self" - Seekers and Finders (Cooking Vinyl)
7:05pm Ripe- "Talk To The Moon" - Hey Hello (S/R)
6:40pm Easystreet- "Save a Prayer" - Into the Stars
6:20pm Easystreet- "Don't need me when you're lonely" - Into the Stars
6:00pm Easystreet- "More than a Machine" - International Supernatural
5:58pm Shantih Shantih- "Ruby" - Winter in September (Wild Honey)